Friday, February 27, 2009

Pretty Pads

Unlike cats, dogs do not groom themselves so it is our responsibility as pet owners to do the grooming for them. This ranges from giving them a daily brush, to trimming their nails. Dog’s nails should be kept short so as to prevent the rather uncomfortable situation where the nails grow into the footpad. This can fester and cause horrible infections, which, if not treated, can spread and cause illness. Thus when trimming your pets nails, be careful to avoid the ‘quick’ which is the nerve endings in the nails and can be easily spotted when you trim them. Take off the sharp tips and remember that the more often you do your pooches manicure, the shorter the nails will get.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We all matter.

Animals are truly wonderful creatures. It is not unusual to hear of a rescue situations where one animal risks his or her life for another. In this sense it is a rather obvious observation to note that these creatures are not that different from us. Just think of our police force, fire-fighters and those wonderful citizens who discard all caution when faced with situations where lives are threatened. Thus when we hear or read about a dog in Australia who saves 4 kittens from a burning house, we can’t help but think of the stories of dolphins rescuing drowning victims which inevitably link to the thought of humans helping others. This line of thought brings us back to the inevitable conclusion that sentient beings universally feel a sense of responsibility towards each other and so without thought, they are prepared to value other lives more than they do their own.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give a little Love

What can you do for your pet on this wonderful day of love? Well, the simple solution would be spoil him or her! And just like your human partner, your pet will lavish in the attention! There are many inexpensive ways to treat your animal companion, ranging from a little extra cuddle time, to giving your pet some special treat. There is also the option of treating your pet to some wonderful and fanciful gifts. This could be in the form of a new squeaky toy, a pretty tag or a dog cushion. So whatever your budget, you have a rather large choice to do what your pet will love most!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Awe…Maybe Not So Cute.

When you talk about your animals, do you refer to them as your babies, and as such have pictures of them in your wallet, ready to show them to any friendly stranger with a ready ear? Do you dress your animals up in fashionable outfits, complete with mittens and glitzy accessories? If so please consider the word obsession. It’s a fairly old concept and can relate to anything that attracts and retains our attention. We as humans need to latch on to something other than ourselves and deposit energy into a pastime that seems to enrich and add meaning to our lives. If it is not another human, such a lover or a child, then we move on to the next likely and receptive subject. This is very often our pets. While our furry companions might find the attention flattering, one can’t help but feel sorry for the Great Dane in a tutu. So please consider your animal's safety and dignity next time you buy those adorable booties.

Reader Query

Q: does MediPet insurance cover alternative medicine?
A: Yes most definitely!! Homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and even behavioral therapy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Possible Pet Number 1.

With President Obama’s recent induction the family is rather, let’s say, popular. As America is a country that practically exists purely through the media even the possible acquisition of a pet is publicised. The president wants to adopt a new puppy for his daughters, Malia and Natasha. But there is one problem though, Malia is allergic to dogs, and as such the family needs to adopt an allergy free dog. This adoption is likely to turn into a source of public relations as many suggestions have been posted ranging from Peru to his homeland, they all have numerous options for the family. President Obama has been recorded saying that he wants to adopt “a mutt, like me” from a shelter. Whatever the choice though, the puppy is bound to become nearly as popular as Paris Hilton’s baby, what a shame she didn’t win the presidency, then we wouldn’t have to worry about this puppy problem!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PRESS NOTICE: Muffin, the Gentle Giant, Dies.

Issued by
Tracy Forte, President
It is with great sadness that the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre issues this press release.


Wet Nose welcomes public support at the trial to ensure that this beautiful animal did not die in vain.

Muffin, the Great Dane rescued by Inspector Le Roux and the Wet Nose team on 6 May 2008, passed away on Friday 6 February 2009.
Just 10 months ago, Muffin the “Gentle Giant” as he became known, was found on a plot in Pretoria North, comatose, dying a painful, lonely death as a result of malnutrition, dehydration and total neglect. His former owner’s abuse was widely covered by the media and caused an unprecedented uproar from animal lovers in South Africa and abroad.

Vets at Valley Farm Animal Hospital joined with Wet Nose staff in a feverish bid to save Muffin’s life. Everyone believed that this special dog deserved a chance to live and know love. After three weeks in High Care at Valley Farm Animal Hospital, Muffin was discharged and placed in the foster home of Norman and Anne Jackson. His liver and kidneys had been so damaged from the sustained abuse inflicted on him, that Dr Tim Kraft noted that his life expectancy would be two years maximum. Royal Canin sponsored special liver food for life and presented Muffin with a beautiful red bed and special hamper on the day.

Wet Nose pressed charges of animal abuse against his previous owner under the Animal Protection Act.

Muffin received the Wet Nose ISAR Award on 3O August 2008 at Homeless Animals Day for his remarkable courage and fighting spirit in terms of his recovery – he just didn’t give up.

What a beautiful sight he was at Homeless Animals Day! He had gained weight and condition. Visitors flocked to meet the “Gentle Giant” and e-mails of support streamed in from far and wide. But the abuse had taken it toll. Although Muffin was flourishing with the love and attention from his foster family, the internal organ damage was irreparable. Everyone agreed that rehabilitating him and restoring his faith in human beings was some consolation. (Muffin attended church with Norman and Anne on Sundays and became an honourary member of the church.
He even gained a godmother, Lyn Gardener.)

In the beginning of February 2009 Muffin’s body started failing, although his will to live was so strong. Muffin spent three days in hospital on a drip and, as Tim Kraft didn’t think Muffin would survive the night, he was discharged to spend time with his family. Yet again, Muffin surprised everyone by pulling through. At 9h00 on Friday, 6 February, ten months to the day of his rescue, Wet Nose staff joined his family to hear what his prognosis for recovery was. The test results indicated that he was dying. Nothing more could be done for the Gentle Giant, and to end his suffering, it was decided to take him back home.
He was surrounded by the people who loved him when the vet administered the injection to end his life.

What a sad day for all whose lives he had touched! The only consolation was that Muffin had held on to life and fought so hard to finally know love and human compassion.

The trial date for Muffin’s previous owner is set down for 9h00 on Friday 13 February 2009 at the Pretoria North Magistrates Court. Wet Nose has vowed to go for the jugular and will do all in its power to ensure that justice is served. Wet Nose welcomes public support at the trial to ensure that this beautiful animal did not die in vain.

Wet Nose thanks all those who supported Muffin through e-mails, calls and their presence at Homeless Animals Day. You touched his life and made a difference to his last days on this earth. Muffin’s ashes will be returned to Wet Nose. A painting of Muffin will be put up in the entrance to the Wet Nose offices in his memory. This will serve as a reminder to each and every one of us what we are fighting against and to NEVER give up the fight for abused and abandoned animals; to stay strong no matter what the challenges. Together, we can do this. Muffin would have wanted it.



6 MAY 2008

Muffin at Valley Farm Vet Clinic in High Care

Our proud Muffin two months later in his foster home playing in the field.

Fighting to live: 7 May 2008

Muffin receiving his award on Homeless Animals day. With him, his foster
mom: Anne, his godmother: Lyn of Wet Nose patron: Micheal de Pinna, Taryn from Royal Canin and Wet Nose president, Tracy

Muffin and Inspector Le Roux sharing a moment, a special bond of love and trust.


FEBRUARY 2009. 3:00PM


A Puppy a Day…

Animals definitely offer the best possible source of therapy on the market. They make you laugh when you are sad, and give you a sense of comfort no other human can offer. From a gentle paw on your lap, to a look that assures you that they will always, unconditionally love you, the comfort and solidarity that we receive from our furry companions is priceless. When your dog licks your tears, when your cat curls up in your lap and doesn’t leave your side, when your pet insists on doing amusing things that warrant a bubble of laughter, it is neigh impossible not to grant them psychological PhDs of their own. They are exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Please Ponder…

Recently there’s been a show on television about euthanasia and how we should make it a viable option for humans. While this is a rather controversial subject the point raised by the pleading party was that we consider it a humane thing do to for animals, yet cringe and plead immorality when the same idea is put forth for human patients. If one looks at it this way one can see that double standards still do apply to our relations and as such an animal's life is considered to be so much more expendable than a human life. When did it happen that humans developed such utter ego’s that we have accepted the responsibility of determining the value of life. Should it not be up to the patient, especially a human patient to determine his or her own path? And while no judgements are being made these are a few points to ponder.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, We Do Envy!

It is amusing when you note how often your cats sleep. From kittens to elderly cats, their patterns don’t vary much. It is rather easy to envy them their lifestyle, for when they don’t sleep; they eat, play, groom and rest. It has recently been noted that from the year 1999 our lifestyle pace has increased 20 fold. That is rather believable when you consider the combination of technology and information availability as well as our rather hectic social calendars. As humans we tend to heap up our diaries to capacity, getting as much done, in as short a time as possible, for time is money and isn’t it true to note that we never have enough time. Now, considering our feline friends easy going lives, it is easy to feel green with envy as you yearn for that weekend on a blue Monday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little dose of Morality

Mankind should not be judged by the way they treat their equals, but rather by the way they treat their subordinates, and if we, as a whole, are judged according to that standard it is obvious that we will be deemed unworthy. Just take a look at all the atrocities we have committed, in the guise of ‘they don’t feel as we do’, excusing our actions by pretending to not notice and recognise the pain we see in their eyes. By naming these beings ‘animal’ we automatically assign them to a lesser hierarchy, excluding ‘them’ from ‘us’. If we have learned nothing as a species, we should at least notice and deny ourselves the right to pass judgement, for by behaving as we do towards these animals, we become the lesser beings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kitty First

It would be interesting to know whether or not any other readers experience some rather odd behaviour from their feline friends. Do your cats wait until you pull out your laptop/ computer to only go lie right under your fingers, right on top of the keys so that it is impossible for you to complete your task? Do they find the sight of your laundry irresistible and immediately flock to the basket, camping right in the middle of your clean or dirty clothes. Do they sit on any paper left lying around, so that when you do need the important document, you find muddy paw prints on the piece of paper? Do your cats wait for you to go to the bathroom to keen for attention? Do they bring you little gifts from the garden just so that you discover it first thing in the morning and step on the poor remains of a cockroach, mouse or bird? I am sure these pet faq’s plague you as they definitely make you realise that your cats behaviour is not unique and that all cats act as selfishly and territorial as most children.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hills Pet Slimmer Programme

According to a recent Hills pamphlet, about half the animals that South African vets treat are overweight, or weigh more than is healthy. This weighty problem connects very much with another blog entry we recently talked about. Monster; an adult male cat who weighs approximately 9/10 kg, who shares his food with 4 other feline friends and does very little exercise. There are a many pet health repercussions to this problem such as arthritis, joint problems, heart disease, breathing problems, slipped discs and many other risks.
There are many different prescription diets that Hills offer that are specially formulated for weight loss.
Achieving and maintaining a good weight increases your pets’ life expectancy and his/ her quality of life. In many respects we can deduce that looking after your pets diet, is just as important as looking after your own.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Understanding and Sympathy: A reader's story

One reader recalls her first ever cat, when she was seven years old. She adopted the tortoise shell tabby when her parents deemed it time for her to accept some responsibility. Honestly, we have to admit that this is never a successful endeavour as we, as parents, always end up looking after the pet no matter how we try to convince ourselves, or our children, to brush, feed and play with the animal.
Thus when considering adoption, it is always best to be aware that the responsibility is one that will most likely fall on you.
The little girl in our tale named the kitten Tinks, after Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan and she enthusiastically took to the cat and did her best to look after the little feline. Unfortunately, Tinks was a week little thing and caught cat flu while quite young. She was taken to the local vet and diagnosed, and while there passed away. This is a truly upsetting experience, as we all know, for the loss of your first pet is very often the hardest to bear, as comprehending that loss at such a young aged is quite difficult.
The vet was very sympathetic towards our reader and as they too, felt that Tinks was a special kitten, they planted a rose bush in her honour and buried the kitten at the base of the bush. They also gave our reader a little card that explained that they were sorry for the kittens loss and that the kitten is now in kitty heaven.
Such special treatment from vets is almost unheard of, as they are usually overcrowded with patients and sport jaded personnel. It is an exception to find a place that shows such a personal concern for their clients. But this little touch of humanity truly made a huge difference to our readers’ view of veterinary care, as instead of seeing it as a place where animals go to die, it is viewed as a place where animals go to heal.