Monday, December 31, 2007

MediPet Pet Insurance

Medipet pet insurance is a company designed to make taking care of your cat or dog that much easier by providing you with the confidence to know that your pet is covered by affordable and reliable pet health insurance. When you are at home, on holiday or travelling, the assurance that your cat or dog’s health is covered and protected is an invaluable insurance to both you and your pet. Health insurance means that you are freed from the unnecessary worry of medical bills and doctors fees, and by having your pet’s health insured you are freeing yourself from the worry of their medical bills and vet fees.

Pet insurance will cover your puppy or kitten form the age of eight weeks and their cover lasts a lifetime. Pay outs on claims are prompt and reliable and will be made out within 10 days of Medipet receiving your claim.

Applying for your pet to be covered by pet insurance is easy and can be done right now while you are sitting in front of your computer. All you need to do is visit the Medipet website at and fill in an online application form and give your pet the gift of a lifetime.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Puppies! The only gift that keeps on giving...

Puppies are energetic, fun and cute and can also be quite a handful. But the rewards from having a pet and getting to watch them grow are endless. When choosing your puppy there are certain things that you do however need to think about. Take into consideration the size of your home and property, the time you have to spend with a pet and the other animals if you already have pets. Pets can at times also prove to be costly, but with health insurance for pets the cost of your animals health is already much easier to maintain.

With Medipet your puppies can be covered by lifelong animal health cover from the early age of just eight weeks old. And because the medical cover is designed to for lifelong coverage you will be able to rest with complete assurance that no matter what happens to your dog or cat your insurance is right there for you to support you through it.

With Medipet’s Christmas special you can now get pet insurance for less than ever before – with the monthly rate of R95 for cats and R105 for dogs with your savings amounting to a valuable two months free cover.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Puppy Adoption

The season for giving gifts is one that is fun and rewarding to both gift giver and the receiver, but there certain things to take into consideration, especially when you are thinking of giving an animal as a gift. Puppy adoption is a big decision to make and has a lot of responsibility attached to it. If you are getting a new puppy or are giving one to somebody as a present this season remember and take into account the practical sides to owning a pet.

Children are often taken in to the idea of owning a pet and are often attracted to the cuteness of puppies and kittens. If you are planning on puppy adoption or giving a pet as a gift to a child be sure that the child is aware of the responsibilities involved and that they, or anyone who is adopting a new pet, are both able and prepared to take proper care of the animal.

As well as kitten or puppy adoption, another good idea for the gift season may be to give a gift of security and good health by taking out pet health insurance – which is both a practical and a responsible thing to offer any pet owner and pet.

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas! We here at SA Pet Lovers wish you the happiest of happy Christmasses, and trust that you are enjoying the festive season with your furry family as much as you are with your immediate relatives!

Enjoy a week of celebrations and festivities, and make sure that your pets are safe when you welcome in the new year next week. 2008 holds a range of exciting new things for both us and you as pet owners, and you can be sure that this blog will be jam-packed with great tips, advice and stories for you to enjoy.

With kindest regards,

Monday, December 24, 2007

Animal health

They are furry, they are lovable and more often than not, they are irresistibly cute! And they are our pets – our doting cats and dogs. And more often than not, a healthy animal is a happy animal and when it comes to taking care of our cat or dog’s physical well being it is good to know that we do not have to do it alone. With vets and pet insurance we can afford our animals the benefit of secure health and affordable medical attention where and when they need it.

Good animal health care is something that is invaluable to your pet and a good pet insurance will make sure that your cat or dog is well covered with an insurance package that covers them for life. This allows you as a pet owner to relax about the costs of vet bills and your pet’s access to vet services. Medipet will cover your cat and dog with all the essential medical cover and even caters to you as the pet owner in making sure that your insurance will pay for your pet’s housing should you ever fall ill and are unable to take care of them for a period of time.

Friday, December 21, 2007

MediPet's pet blog

When you are looking for tried and tested information and supportive advice on your pets, where do you do turn to? Pet blogs can offer you useful information on topics ranging from pet insurance to general care for your pet, and allows you the space to share your pet stories with other pet owners and animal lovers. Offering a new world to accessing much needed information you can learn new things and even find out more information about topics that interest you.

Looking out for your best interests as a pet owner, and in the interest of your cat or dog, Medipet’s pet blog allows you to comment and share information and opinions on a variety of topics regarding your animals. With pet insurance and open dialogue, Medipet is helping make you as prepared as you need to be to take care of your cat or dog’s health.

Pet blogs can be a helpful resource to learn more about your pet and pet like things. Sharing stories and ideas with other pet owners means that you can learn new things, find good and helpful advice, and also means that you can share your experiences and help other pet owners all at the same time.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas dog cushion

It is Christmas time again and while you are out doing your Christmas shopping and gift buying don’t forget about your beloved cat or dog. While buying toys and sweets for your kids take a look around for something special for your cat or dog who are waiting patiently for you back home. Whether you are looking for something useful like a dog cushion, pet insurance or just something enjoyable like an extra treat or two your pet will appreciate the extra thought. Buying an extra box of your pet’s favourite dog or cat biscuits or giving them a new and exciting toy can make them feel special and they will thrive on the extra attention.

Gifts for pets can be both practical and fun, and with a gift like pet health insurance you can be giving your animal something that will last their entire lifetime and will benefit you as much as it benefits them. Christmas and the holidays are about spending time at home with loved ones and your pets are naturally included in the festivities. So if they are needing a new collar, leash or dog cushion, or the reliability of pet insurance, there is something that you can find for your pet this Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that benefits us and health in many ways. By having health insurance cover we can know that we will be taken care of by qualified medical staff and professionals when and where we will ever have a need for it. The same goes for our very own cats and dogs.

Medipet is a pet health insurance company that offers your cat or dog reliable and effective health insurance. By insuring your pet’s health you and your animal will be able to benefit from countrywide insurance coverage with any qualified South African vet. This mean that you can put aside any worries about your pet’s potential medical needs knowing that should anything happen you are covered by Medipet who will cover the costs of your visit to the vet.

Vet bills and unexpected trips to the vet can cost up to thousands of rands but with health insurance you can know beforehand what you will need to pay, and what you will need to pay will only be a portion of what the actual bill amounts to. All you need to do is pay a monthly fee and a low excess and then let Medipet take care of the rest.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Indoor pets and litter trays

Taking care of your family and pets is a job of responsibilities and cautioned observation. This means that you know to look out for and cover the obvious need as well as the needs that can sometimes go unnoticed until it is often too late. With pets around, litter boxes can often fall into these categories. They are not necessarily the first thing on our minds when we think of our pets but can become instantly essential when we have had to clean a mess off of a carpet or floor.

If your pet is going to be spending much of his or her time indoors you will need to provide a litter box for the protection of your household furniture as well as for the convenience and hygiene of your pet. Taking care of your pet and your home is enough for you to deal with and that is why Medipet offers pet insurance to lift the load of taking care of your pet’s health needs.
If your pet is house trained or just naturally adapts to using the litter box your life is made a lot easier. So while you are taking care of your home and getting your pet house trained you can leave the cover of your animal’s health care to Medipet

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cat food comments

As the saying goes – you are what you eat. The same, I would think, applies to the animal kingdom and more specifically to our pets. Cat food is about more than just making sure that your cat is eating. What you are feeding your cat is going to determine their growth ability, their day to day living and their overall health. This means that you can control your animals diet and in doing so you can ensure them a good state of physical health.

Shops make it very easy for us to feed our pets the correct foods. From tinned to dry foods, the shelves at shops offer us a wide variety of foods to choose from. In making this decision there are factors about your pet to be taken into consideration. These include your cat or dog’s age, their size and the amount of food that they consume. Along with making sure that your cat food is well suited to your pet you can also make plans for ensuring their good health and maintenance through covering their health needs with pet insurance.

So while you take care of your cat’s food and diet, Medipet will happily make sure that you and your cat are covered with reliable insurance.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Animal Safety

Your animal’s safety is not something to be taken lightly. Your family pet is after all more like an extension of your family rather than just any animal. Medipet understands this and that is why they have put together pet health insurance packages to help you protect and look after your pet in every way possible.

With good cover and easy access to claims your animal’s safety and health is in reliable and trustworthy hands. Your cat or dog’s health and medical needs are often unpredictable and that is why Medipet sees the great importance in you being prepared for anything that might happen to your pet. From accidents to illness you and your pet can be covered for any of the medical and financial repercussions.

And instead of you fretting over your animal’s safety there is the much easier and completely hassle free option of protecting both you and your pet with pet health insurance cover. You will be put at ease knowing that your pet can be taken care of by any vet at any time without you having to break the bank. And your pet will benefit from the great cover and service of any vet countrywide.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A new JHB vet

Moving from one city to another means that a lot of things need to be changed, that includes your cat or dog’s vet. So whether you are looking for a new Johannesburg vet or any other vet in any other city countrywide you do have one thing that will not need to change – your pet insurance cover. With Medipet you not only receive full guarantee off good and reliable pet insurance cover but you are also given the guarantee of the use of any vet countrywide. So no matter if you are travelling or if you are moving to a new city within South Africa you and your pet will still be covered with pet health insurance.

So when you move from one place to another Medipet gives you the assurance that your animal’s health insurance will be unchanged. This means that you can still take your cat or dog to a Johannesburg vet, a Cape Town, or Buffelsfontien vet and you will still be able to make use of the medical insurance you and your animal have come to rely on. Medipet will be there for you and will cover your vet bills no matter where in South Africa you may happen to find yourself.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The importance of dog training

Having pet insurance means that you can protect your dog from succumbing to certain ailments ensuring them a happy and long life. But along with pet insurance having a trained and obedient dog can make your life with your pet much more enjoyable. Through training your dog will learn to listen to you, and learning a couple of tricks means that you can both bond together and then be able to show off your tricks to others. You can teach your dog by yourself at home or, it could be helpful to even take your dog to specially formulated dog training classes.

The added benefit of having an obedient dog also means that you can protect your dog from certain dangers. Essential things that your dog will need to be taught is to listen to you so that you can keep command and keep your pet out of harms way. This means that in dog training your dog can be taught to obey certain commands when you are out of the home environment, in this way you can teach your dog to stay near to you, to not run across roads and thus prevent them from being hit or injured by moving vehicles.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dog health: your best friend

As the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. And no one knows this better than you and your beloved pooch. Your bond and friendship with your dog is one that will last for years and as a responsible pet owner you now that your dog’s health is of vital importance to you and your dog. If your dog is happy and healthy then so are you because you then know that you are doing all that you can for the well being of your animal.

Your dog’s health however is not something that you have to take care of on your own. With constant advances in animal health care and with the support of pet insurance and trustworthy veterinary services you can have the confidence that your pet will be well looked after when their health needs professional attention.

Pet insurance gives you the financial support and cover in knowing that your dog’s health will always be prioritised and taken care of. And most importantly to your finances, having pet insurance means that you can focus on your dog and their well being without having to be concerned about vet bills, which will be taken care of by your pet insurance company.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Fleas are not only annoying but can also lead to detrimental effects on your cat or dog’s health. And once fleas are hooked into your pet’s fur they, and their itchy after effects, can be somewhat of a nightmare to get rid of. So, understandably, to take the best care of your cat or and dog and their health you may have tried to get rid of the fleas by doing anything from bathing, to spraying and even medicating your animal against the pesky parasite. But in taking care of your pet’s health, you are not alone. Pet health insurance gives you, as a pet owner, the ability to be free from concern over your animal’s veterinary needs and expenses.

This means that without the worry about the bigger implications of taking care of your cat or dog’s health you can have the time to handle the smaller things that your pet needs you to look out for. You may have to sort out the parasite problem when it comes to fleas but any other health, illness or accidents or injuries with your cat or dog can be reliably covered and cared for through your animal’s pet insurance with Medipet.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Missing Kitty: help find Ziggy!

Hi everyone -

You'll all be pleased to hear that Binksy is back home and is settling in nicely with his new feline friends. The strangest thing is, though, that Binksy's friend Ziggy has also gone missing! Ziggy went missing from the Casseldale Springs area about a week ago. She is a spayed female grey tabby. Here is her picture:

Please do your best to keep your eyes and your ears open so that we can all work together to reunite Ziggy with her anxious owner. If you see Ziggy anywhere please let us know! You can email us at with more information.

We're all going on a summer holiday...

Taking your pet on holiday with you can sometimes be a fun experience for the whole family but there are certain things that you need to consider before you leave home with your pet. If your cat or dog is still quite young you need to know that you can be watchful of them wherever it is that are going to. Your animal also needs to feel secure enough in new surroundings and with the people that are going to be around with you. With older pets you can know just what your animal’s behavioural habits are and you can know how to talk to them and what they will commands they will obey. Having a properly trained pet can be very helpful if you plan on travelling with them.

With Medipet pet health insurance you can have the peace of mind that should anything happen to your pet anywhere within South Africa you are still covered with pet insurance. Medipet also offers you insurance covered access to any vet anywhere in the country. If however you are planning on spending your holiday with your pet at home you still have the assurance of accident and illness cover with any vet in your vicinity.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pet Assistance with MediPet

Pet assistance is just an application away. Medipet is a pet health insurance company geared to making your life easier and your pet’s health needs far more manageable. This means that Medipet offers you, the pet owner, affordable and reliable health insurance coverage that will take care of your pet in their times of need. When your cat or dog is ill or injured they need you and your love and support. You should be able to be there for them and not be worried about the vet bills and medical costs. And with Medipet’s all round cover you can be released from the pressure of unexpected and potentially costly visits to the vet.

Medipet offers your cat or dog cover for accidental injury, illness as well as cover for certain operations, such as hip replacements and tumour removals. The pet insurance packages are offered for both cats and dogs and you can cover your pet from the early age of 8 weeks. The value of pet assistance is something that lasts for the lifetime of your pet and gives you the freedom to enjoy the time spent with your cat or dog without the worry of their medical and health costs.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MediPet Christmas Special

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to show your loved ones how much they really mean to you! If you sign up any of your pets for comprehensive Medipet SA pet insurance before the 31st of December then you will receive an additional R20 off of your pet’s premiums for a full year – that is the equivalent of two months of free premium! Christmas doesn’t get any better than this.

Please feel free to look up more information on the MediPet SA Website, or contact their office directly at (021) 701 2023. Give your pets the gift that keeps on giving with comprehensive coverage from MediPet SA.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Kittens are cute, cuddly and they make wonderful pets as they become new additions to our families! And taking care of a new family member’s health and nutritional requirements is not something that should be taken for granted. And with Medipet you can insure your young cat’s health form the early age of just eight weeks.

This means that we, as pet owners, need to be vigilant to our new kitten’s needs. We need to make sure that they are taken care of with regular annual check ups from a reliable vet and that they are generally in good health. You can start taking care of health from home ensuring that your young cat is properly fed – not under or over fed, and that the food that they are consuming is properly suited to a growing cat’s nutritional requirements.

Kittens, like any young creatures need lots of love and attention, and even need some extra special care that older adult pets may no longer need. This means that you should talk to your vet and find out just what injections your new cat needs to ward off diseases and to make sure that the young cat is physically strong and healthy.