Friday, December 28, 2007

Puppies! The only gift that keeps on giving...

Puppies are energetic, fun and cute and can also be quite a handful. But the rewards from having a pet and getting to watch them grow are endless. When choosing your puppy there are certain things that you do however need to think about. Take into consideration the size of your home and property, the time you have to spend with a pet and the other animals if you already have pets. Pets can at times also prove to be costly, but with health insurance for pets the cost of your animals health is already much easier to maintain.

With Medipet your puppies can be covered by lifelong animal health cover from the early age of just eight weeks old. And because the medical cover is designed to for lifelong coverage you will be able to rest with complete assurance that no matter what happens to your dog or cat your insurance is right there for you to support you through it.

With Medipet’s Christmas special you can now get pet insurance for less than ever before – with the monthly rate of R95 for cats and R105 for dogs with your savings amounting to a valuable two months free cover.