Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LOST CAT: please help!

Hi everyone,

Julie's male grey Tabby has gone missing since Sunday in the Dinwiddie Germiston area. He has been neutered and has never done this before, he is two years old. His name is Binksy. She has already contacted all of the vets and adoption agencies in the area, but with no luck. Please - if you see a lonely grey cat walking around and you think it may Binksy: EMAIL us! We'll forward the information onto Julie.

Thank you for your continued support.

MediPet Insurance

Medipet insurance offers packages tailor made to suit either your dog or cat. From as little as R115 a month your cat can be insured for medical needs from snake bites to hip replacements. And from only R125 a month your dog’s medical needs can be covered with the assurance that you can afford to take your pet to a vet whenever it may be needed.

Medipet insurance covers your animal for accidental injuries to any illnesses to operations and will even cover the costs of any vet in South Africa. So if you live in Cape Town you can take your animal to a vet in Cape Town, but if you decide to travel to Johannesberg or any other town or city in South Africa you are still covered by Medipet through their countrywide cover.

With Medipet insurance your cover annual cover for your pet is R25 000 while you excess is only R250. This ensures that no matter what your animal’s medical requirements may be, you can know that your pet will be well taken of without the hassle of unexpected and costly veterinary bills.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Looking good! Some thoughts on pet grooming...

Is your pet’s coat looking a little tattered and dull? Or does your long furred dog seem to panting a more than usual now that it is summer? A visit to a pet grooming parlor could get your pet back into tip-top condition. With pet insurance taking care of your animal’s health needs you have a lot more freedom to take care of you animal’s comfort needs. Pet insurance with Medipet covers your pet from snake bites to hip replacements, so while you can rest assured that your animal’s health will be covered no matter what, you also now have the time to take care of your pet’s grooming needs.

Grooming parlors offer a range of services from brushing and bathing to nail clipping and fur trimming. In the heat of summer long haired dogs may suffer a little under the warmth of a thick fur coat, a little visit to a parlor and a hair cut can save your pet from discomfort in the summer heat.

If you find bathing your pet to be an arduous task grooming parlors are just the answer, and making sure that your animal is in peak groomed condition can also help in keeping your animal in good health.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dealing with animal accidents

Should your pet be involved in an animal accident it would make your life a lot less complicated knowing that you and your pet are covered by a reliable pet insurance. Having pet insurance with a company such as Medipet means that you are covered financially and that means that your pet is guaranteed to be covered with any visits they may have to make to the vet.

Animal accidents can be as devastating as they are unpredictable. But the horror of your pet being involved in an accident can be alleviated by knowing that your pet’s medical needs are financially secure. Medipet will take of your veterinary bills, and will even cover additional pet needs and expenses such as kennels and catteries and will even cover the costs for advertising as well as for a reward should your beloved animal go missing.

Animal accident’s can be traumatic for you as the owner as well as for your pet but having pet insurance can take a load off of your mind. When you need your attention to be on your pet and not on your money Medipet will make sure that you can focus on your animal’s health and well being.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The importance of pet insurance

Pet insurance is as important to your pet as medical insurance is to you. Making sure that your animal’s medical needs and veterinary bills are taken care of is of vital importance. When your pet needs to be rushed over to an animal hospital or vet, the last thing you want to be thinking about is what it is going to cost you. With Medipet you do not have to even consider the financial implications. Knowing that you are covered by reliable and affordable insurance can give you peace of mind. In their moments of need your pet needs your attention to be on them.

Pet insurance can be used to cover your beloved pet’s annual visits to the vet and can come in especially welcomed when your animal has to make an unpredicted visit to the vet. Because your insurance will take care of all things financial you are able to focus on your pet and their immediate needs.

Your animal’s pet insurance can ease the pressure and trauma if your pet should be harmed in anyway and is in need of medical attention. The security offered by Medipet ensures that your animal can receive the essential as well the best treatment right away without you having to worry about the costs.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Poll

Hello everyone,

There is a new poll on the cards today - Do you already have pet insurance? This is simply to determine the statistics regarding pet lovers and their pet insurance in South Africa. Please do submit your vote so that we can have an accurate representation! For more information regarding the care and security of your furry family member, please check out MediPet's website at now! Pet insurance has become a necessity in today's modern lifestyle, and you can't afford to let your pet down in his or her time of need.

Poll Results: pet sterilisation

Should pet sterilization be government funded?
Yes – 33%
No – 44%
It’s complicated- 22%

This has been a hot topic of debate in the pet world of late – should the government be helping to pay for pet sterilization? Well, the question is, is it the government’s problem? You will remember a few weeks back that we chatted about the new barking dog bylaw (if you did not read that particular entry then you can look for the keywords “barking dog bylaw” down the left hand side of the menu) and the resultant observation was that there are just too many animals living in one place causing a lot of rowdy noise. The solution, apparently, is to clamp down on the law that states that an ordinary residential property may only have two dogs residing thereon. The real problem seems to be that there is a breeding frenzy that is sweeping across the nation, and there are a lot of little puppies and kittens being left out alone, or put down, because the pet owner either has no space for these new additions, or does not have the money to support them. Cat or dog sterilization can cost you anything up to R600 at a private veterinarian. The SPCA has a program whereby the amount you pay is calculated on the amount of money that you earn – if you can afford it, then you can pay for it, if not, then you pay a reduced rate. The total amount is still slightly more affordable than private pet sterilization.

If you do not have your dog or cat sterilized then there are a lot of consequences you have to face: pregnancy, marking of territory, possible cancer (in extreme cases) and more. On the other hand, your pet will never be able to breed once his or her reproductive organs are removed. The procedure itself, I am told, is relatively painless and offers more benefits overall. The poll results clearly indicate South Africa’s divided stance on the matter – with only 22% voting for the option ‘it’s complicated’ you can be sure that there are a lot of people out there who have firm opinions. The only reason why some people may want pet sterilization to be government funded is due to the costly nature of the treatment, but there are facilities in place, such as the SPCA and their treatment scheme, which aid in this respect. Please email us your comments and opinions, or post them directly on this site through the comment option at the end of the post.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pet health: a follow up

You now your animal better than anybody. You know what they enjoy, you know what irritates them and you know best how to take care of them. Because your pet is important to you so is your pet’s health. We know that when we wake up in the morning feeling kind of bogged down with a cold or a bug it is our beloved, cute and unconditionally loving pets that are there for us. They just seem to now when you need a little extra attention – In the same way that they too need extra care when they are not at their peak health wise.

As pet owners we do the best to ensure constant good health in our animals and as the old adage goes – prevention is better than cure. So we can do what we can by keeping up with annual shots and check ups from the vet. We can also be sure to feed our pets the right foods – in the right amounts, without over or under feeding. Regularly checking your pets for fleas, ticks and worms can also help in making sure that your animal is kept in a good and healthy condition.

Pet health is vital for your pet’s well being and over all happiness, so making sure that your pet is bright eyed and bushy tailed takes care, love and practical attention.

Information from vets is the best advice to follow in caring for your pet’s health and a helpful website, which is informed by vets, is The site offers a wide range of advice all based on the importance of your pet’s good health. If you need specific advice, please feel free to contact us and our qualified vet nurse will get back to you asap!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Animal Health

Having faith in your pet’s vet is very important. Most of us do not know all that much about animal health but we can tell when something is wrong with our beloved pets. Whether your pet has stopped eating, is not eating enough, or if your animal has become listless or is just not acting as them usual selves you are the first to pick up that something is a miss.

When you realise that something is seems to be wrong with your animal’s health the best thing to do is to consider the changes. Take good note of what seems to be different about your pet. See if there are any apparent external causes that could possibly be affecting your pet’s well being. Have you pet checked for worms, make sure that their food is suitable, etc. If you find something that may be affecting your animal the best thing to do would be to ensure your pet’s safety and make a few changes, but it might still be a good idea to check up with a vet.

If however there are no noticeable reasons for your animal’s health changes then the best thing to do is to go straight to the vet. As with humans animals can pick up common viruses and often their immune systems are strong enough to work out the bugs themselves.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The importance of getting your dog into good behavioural habits

Dog training can be loads of fun! The time spent with your dog during training can lead invaluable times of bonding. You and your dog will both benefit from the time spent with each other.

Dog training can start when your dog is still very young. If your dog is trained and get used to certain good habits as a puppy it is generally easier to maintain those good training habits throughout your pet’s life. From house training to obedience you can set up a special relationship and bond with your dog. Many dog’s will also usually only respond to their owner’s once trained, so you can setup specific commands and between you and you dog.

You can teach your dog many things with just the two of you in the comfort of your own home. It is also a good idea to take your dog to a dog training school where knowledgeable instructors can guide both you and your dog in the best ways of training your dog.

Whether you want you pet to obey simple commands such sit, lie down and wait or if you are looking for some more advanced training and some good show off type tricks taking your dog to dog training is a good idea.

The website offers a comprehensive list of dog training schools in all of the different SA regions if you are thinking about taking your pup to training school. Check out the direct link at

Friday, October 19, 2007


We're all standing behind you this weekend!

Pet food

Do you give much thought as to what your animal eats? Cats and dogs require certain nutritional elements to their diet that they may not get from leftovers and table scraps. Feeding your pet real ‘pet food’ is essential to ensuring that your pet is receiving a well balanced diet.

Commercially produced pet food has been around since the 1860s. Starting out with dog biscuits, the cat and dog food industry has expanded to include many forms food to keep your pet healthy and well fed. Today we have a large choice of a variety of soft, dry and semi-moist foods to cater to our pet’s nutritional needs. From canned foods to pellets and even pet treats there’s no reason not to feed your pet the best.

Also available are specialised ranges of pet foods. Most brands of dog and cat foods produce ranges designed for age groups from kitten or puppy to adult and senior foods. These foods ensure that as your pet grows and their nutritional needs change, they still receive the best that can from their diet.

In addition to all this there are even more health specific orientated foods that are available from, and through the advice of most vets. These foods are for pets with specific health requirements. Specially formulated to adhere to your cat or dogs health needs, pet food brands such as Hill’s and other vet approved brands can ensure a better diet for whatever your pet’s specific nutritional may be.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Summer Time, and pets are getting dirty...

Dogs and cats do not always take very kindly to water, but sometimes bathing your pet is essential. Whether your cat or dog’s fur is just feeling grubby to the touch or if they have a skin irritation or fleas – a bath can do wonders.

Bathing your pet may seem a bit unnecessary to some people – after all, animals do keep themselves clean. There are however reasons and certain instances when bathing your pet is necessary. If you are trying to introduce a new pet to the home bathing all of the animals can help a little. If the animals are all bathed in the shame shampoo and area all smelling the same the tension can be slightly diffused. If each animal’s smell seems similar to one another they are less likely to get quite so agitated with there new family members. When bathing your pet you do however need to bear in mind that your animal needs their own shampoo – most shops, as well as vets, do hold cat and dog shampoos. If your animal has fleas or ticks special anti – tick and flea shampoos are quite effective of ridding your pet of these pests.

If your pet is rather small bathing them in your basin can work quite well otherwise getting hold of a dog bath and bathing your animal outside is a good option.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pet insurance for peace of mind

Medipet is an insurance company that aims to ensure your financial security as much as your pet’s medical needs. Pet insurance is a practical and hassle free way of making sure that your pet is covered for when those visits to the vet become necessary. Whether it is for your animal’s annual check up or for an unexpected visit to the vet having pet insurance from a reliable company can give you all the peace of mind that you need to know that your pet is in the safety of good hands.

If your loving animal is a dog or a cat, insuring that their health costs are covered by Medipet assures you that when your cat or dog requires medical attention your monthly paid pet insurance is ready to take care of your vet bills.

Medipet offers comprehensive insurance from as little as R115 per month for cats and R125 for dogs. Pet insurance covers your animal’s basic health needs while more comprehensive and specialized insurance package options cover specific requirements for your pet.

With Medipet you can insure your animal’s health form the age of 8 weeks old. From this young age onwards you can ensure that your pet is covered with a reliable lifelong insurance of good health.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hi Everyone,
It is getting towards that time when children are finishing school and getting ready for thier longest holidays, and families are starting to get into the festive spirit - all the more reasons why you should consider adopting a loving dog from DARG!
Here are some beautiful animals who are waiting for a devoted family to come and pick them out of a crowd:

JOEY : 2 yr old Daschund X (w/long legs), housetrained and good with other dogs. Very friendly and energetic. Owners couldn't keep.
STORM : Approx. 7 years old Staffie. Found as a stray, never claimed. Very sweet and placid. Generally good with other dogs. No cats!

RINGO : 2 yr old X breed. Found as a stray, along with his mate Beth. Ringo is clever and alert and super affectionate He'd love an active family to love!

MARX : Adorable wire haired Jack Russel. Very loving and cuddly. Looking for loving owners! Good with other dogs. No cats (obviously ...)

GINA : 7 month old Africanis, gorgeous long tall beauty. Needs basic training. Affectionate and alert! Would suit busy active household.

GROUCHO : Hello! I'm Groucho, a wire haired lab X type dog. I'm a little energetic and need training. The good news is that I'm clever and eager to learn! Anyone looking for a devoted buddy to go on lots of outings with! I promise it will be fun ..

FRODO: Sweet Lurcher X, young, good with kids and other dogs. Found as a stray - never claimed.

If you fall in love with any of these dogs on the spot (How can you not love Marx's gorgeous face?!) then please contact DARG directly at (021) 790 0383/2050, or visit them in Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town. You may also email us for more information.

Long haired animals

Long haired animals are beautiful, but are usually more demanding in the grooming department than their short and medium haired friends. Short and medium haired cats and dogs can better take care of their own cleanliness than long haired animals.

Long haired animals from Persian cats to long haired Afghans and many others can have trouble keeping their fur in the cleanliest of conditions. What’s more is that long haired animals do need to be brushed to prevent knotting and clumping of the fur. You may need to brush your pet’s fur daily. Depending on your animals own specific fur, most long haired animals need frequent brushing but not excessive brushing, so the texture and length of your pet’s fur will determine how often you need to groom your pet.

If your animals fur does however become knotted and begins to mat, bathing and brushing them could help to untangle their fur. And as a last resort the fur may need to cut to prevent the matting from becoming worse. Living in the South Africa, and other similar climate countries, can also pose another aspect relevant to your long haired pet – our summers get hot! And when the temperatures are reaching into the thirties the last anyone wants is to be dragging around a long fur coat. For this, grooming parlours often cut back long fur on dogs so that your pet is more comfortable in their shorter fur for the summer months. By winter their fur would have grown out again. Cats do not usually have their fur shortened, unlike dogs, they seem able to find cooler corners to lie in during the heat of the day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Domestic dog fights

Dogs and cats, like their wild counterparts, are largely territorial animals - that means that when they feel that their space is being intruded upon by another animal their natural instinct is to protect their territory. Dog fights can lead to terrible wounds and lesions; your dog could also be very unsettled in a fight and may need medical attention.

Dogs don’t attack other dogs just out of the blue. Dog fights mainly occur when dogs are left to roam streets on their own, or off of a leash or when they are able to rush out other dogs in passing. Before either dog takes action they will first bark and growl in warning and show signs of aggression such as a raised back and erect ears.

There are many solutions to preventing your animal from ending up in a dog fight. If your pet is trained from young not to be aggressive this can help in the breaking up of and the preventing fights. If your dog does get into a fight, and you are around when it happens, do consider your own safety in trying to break them up. Talking to your dog may calm him or her down. If your dog is on a leash you can try pulling them back and away from the other dog – this can be difficult if your dog is rather large and strong. Spraying the dogs with water, throwing a blanket over their heads or creating a distraction from the fight can often effectively break up them up.

Do however be aware that the animals are in a state of aggression and you could be bitten if you get in between the dogs. Dog bites can do a lot of harm and wounds can quickly become infected. If your dog sustains any injuries in the dog fight they should be taken to vet as soon as possible.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A thought on pet adoption

Looking around at pet stores and thinking about animal adoptions got me wondering about just who it is that adopts and gets to take an animal home? I mean what type of person is it that adopts animals as pets. Can just anybody decide that they are going to be responsible for an animal or are there more serious implications to who can ‘own’ an animal?

Beyond the charm of the idea of having an animal to call your own, pet adoption comes with real responsibility. Taking proper care of your pet means a lot more than just ensuring a dry warm place sleep with the occasional meal. Animals – like humans – need company, attention and proper feeding routines. It is fine to say that you love your pet but love extends into proper care. When adopting an animal the first things to take into consideration are whether or not you can properly care for your animal. If you have a big enough space for your pet to live in, if you can afford the veterinary costs should your vet need medical assistance, and whether or not you can provide the necessities for your animal.

There are real bonuses to pet adoption though. While giving a loving home to an animal you gain a friend who loves you unconditionally, while you can give the same kind of love right back.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to tell the sex of your kitten

I recently adopted a six-week old kitten (from someone that was literally standing at the corner cafĂ© handing them out) and have been agonizing ever since trying to determine the sex of the kitty. I’ve searched through books and the internet, and have tried everything short of seeking vet advice! So what do you do? Determining the sex of small kittens is very difficult, but here is a photograph from that compares a female cat to a male cat to help you:

And here is another diagram from which is also quite helpful:

You’ll find that if you cannot determine the sex of your kitten from these pictures, then it is best to seek vet advice, or just wait a while until your kitty gets a week or so older. There are also a number of behavioural traits associated with both of the sexes, but these are not entirely reliable as each kitten has his or her own personality and a different upbringing which can affect these traits. Of course if you get your kitty from a breeder or an adoption agency then they should be able to tell you whether your new family member is a boy or a girl.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LOST CAT: please help!

Hi everyone,

Julie's male grey Tabby has gone missing since Sunday in the Dinwiddie Germiston area. He has been neutered and has never done this before, he is two years old. His name is Binksy. She has already contacted all of the vets and adoption agencies in the area, but with no luck. Please - if you see a lonely grey cat walking around and you think it may Binksy: EMAIL us! We'll forward the information onto Julie.

Thank you for your continued support.

where have all the fluffy pets gone?

This past week I spent some time looking around a couple of pet shops. I have a friend who has been looking for a kitten and so the thought of a new animal had gripped my thoughts and where do you go when that happens – other than to a pet shop?

Well, I had not been into pet shops for quite some time and they were not really what memory had served them to be. I had this picturesque cuteness running through my mind but in truth the shops were not really filled with that idyllic sort of ‘cuteness’. Now I may be a bit preferential but when I think of pets the first thing that springs to mind is a cute fluffy – dare I say loveable – animal. Most of the animals however were neither cute, nor fluffy...arguably loveable though.

Expecting cute kittens, fluffy rabbits, and adorable puppies…I walked into pet shops only to be met by snakes, a lizard, and a lot of fish. Now personally I really like fish as pets, but when combined with snakes and lizards – who too can be loveable – I found myself glad to be going home to two cuddly, soft, furry, beautiful cats!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


The ultimate poll: cats Vs. dogs. I spent most of the week wincing at the figures because they were neck-in-neck for so long! Thank goodness someone won out - Cats won by ONE VOTE which means they are, of course, the superior creature! Okay, we'll take this poll again in a few weeks to see if that's really true or if that's just the way things turned out. Be sure to vote in this week's poll: should cat and dog sterilisation be government funded (and thus free to pet owners)?

Indoor pets

Just because you do not have a garden, does not mean that you cannot have a pet of you own! Many animals can thrive living indoors. What a pet really needs is lots and lots of love and care.

Although certain animals do extremely well living as indoor pets you need to think practically about the needs of the specific animal before you decide to keep him or her inside. If the pet in question is a large dog that needs space to run around in or if it is an animal that needs grass and outdoor space, then for obvious and practical reasons, the pet should be able to roam freely in the space and the safety of their own garden.

Keeping a cat as indoor pets is more common than keeping dogs indoors but if your dog is small enough you dog can do as well living inside. With a pet living indoors it also means that your animal might not be getting as much exercise as they would be getting outdoors. Having another pet for company and by playing with your animals you can keep them alert and stimulated. You will however need to keep a cat litter tray and to prevent your cat from scratching on your furniture - you may need to get hold of a scratching post!

Monday, October 8, 2007

The dreaded flea attack

Turning up with red itchy spots can be rather horrifying. The worst seems to ramble on through your mind – from all kinds of diseases, to all kinds of insect bites. But then it dawns on you that yesterday your beloved friend – your cat or dog – was scratching rather vigorously. And suddenly you realize you share the same symptoms as you spot a suspicious jumping black grain of rice. Suddenly you have got it – your red spots and your pets scratching have a common cause…the flea.

Getting rid of fleas can be quite a task. But if left unhandled the problem can escalate into your pets developing skin rashes and they will even resort to pulling out their own fur to quell the itching. The pesky insects are external parasites that bite into the skin to feed off of blood. They cause more irritation than harm but they do need to be gotten rid of to prevent any larger scale problems.

Your local vet can help in your battle to beat the fleas. Remedies against fleas range from tablets, to anti-flea and tick shampoos, to sprays or drops and even anti-flea collars are available to make your pet’s and your life that much more enjoyable without the unnecessary worrying about redness and itching from this pesky little parasite.

Just remember: baby cats and dogs need to have special flea-removing shampoo or cream, so check with your vet if they have anything suitable.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Medipet Joins FACEBOOK

Facebook is the latest and greatest social interaction tool on the internet today, and now you can join up at the MEDIPET facebook group for general discussions, information and more.
Join up at today!

Pet Accidents: when you least expect it

Pet accidents can often be cases of emergency and veterinary bills can add up to thousands of rands. Your animal is your best friend, your confidant and your very special responsibility. Because you love your pet you naturally want the best for them, especially when they need your help, and with pet insurance you don’t have to let your beloved animal down in their time of need.

Costly vet bills can leave you feeling helpless and pressured when your pet is in need of medical attention. If you are not prepared or have not made provision for a pet accident your pet’s life as well as your financial security will be in danger. But with the assurance of those unexpected vet costs covered your pets health does not have to suffer just because you can’t afford the costs of medical help. Medical help for your pet is affordable. And with insurance cover your payments are conveniently spread to affordable amounts on a monthly basis rather than one bank breaking lump sum.

Pet accidents can occur at anytime – when you least expect it and very often when you are the least prepared for it. Being safe and watchful with your pets and being aware of their whereabouts is a good place to start. Having the reliability of a good pet insurance is another way to ensure your beloved animals safety. Check out the MediPet website at

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some general pet insurance information relating to Medipet SA – the fine print.

So many insurance companies get you with their ridiculous fine print, so I have taken the time to expose of much of the Medipet fine print as possible. You will find that their conditions are very generous, and that there is nothing sneaky about it! By making everything visible within the insurance plan product, Medipet is able to provide clients with all of the decision making tools that they may require.

You need to make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date before you apply because there are so many diseases out there. It is also in the animal’s best interest that they are fully vaccinated and these vaccinations are kept up to date annually.

You need to submit your form within sixty days of the treatment being carried out.

MediPet is underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Limited. If you would like to know more, please visit Renasa’s website. (

Your Medipet policy is activated on the day that you sign up for the plan, but you may not put in a claim within the first fourteen days of signing up.

The Medipet policy does not hold you to any contracts. If you want to cancel you need only submit one month’s notice in writing. If you cancel within the first fourteen days you are entitled to a full refund of your premium. If you cancel your policy after the initial 14 days any refunds due will be on a pro-rata basis.

Don’t forget – you can also go to any registered vet of your choice within South Africa.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some more insurance information

Today we will be discussing how to claim from your Medipet pet insurance. This is usually the hardest part of any insurance plan, but Medipet have gone the extra length to make sure that you will be immediately attended to.

HOW TO CLAIM with Medipet pet insurance

Claiming is easy. All you need to do is complete a claim form, attach it to the medical bills, and then send it on to Medipet.

You can get these claim forms from your local vet, or off of the Medipet site when it is up and running again. You can also email Medipet directly at, or call their toll free number at 0800 MEDIPET (0800 6334738).

Once the form is completed you can fax it together with all bills to 021 701 2027, or post it to PO Box 31596, Tokai 7966. Your claim will be settled within 10 working days. Claims are refunded directly to you, and will be deposited directly into your specified bank account.

Here is a point form indication of the pet insurance product:

Own policy ‘Medi-pet’

1.Vets fees (per annum)
R25, 000
2.Vets fee excess (per claim)
3.Death from illness/accident
5.Boarding cattery fees p.a.

Own policy ‘Medi-pet’

1.Vets fees (per annum)
R25, 000
2.Vets fee excess (per claim)
3.Death from illness/accident
5.Third party liability
6.Boarding kennel fees p.a.
7.Theft (with police case no.)
8.Burglar reward

There are also some important general points that you should be aware of:

Medipet SA do not set an age limit on your animal – they must be signed up when they are between eight weeks and nine years of age, and then they are covered for life.

Another great aspect of this pet insurance plan is that you do not have to change your vet. As discussed in an earlier post, the importance of finding a vet that you trust and bond with is great, and with the Medipet scheme you can continue to visit your favourite vet – or any other registered vet within South Africa.

Though recommended, your animal does not have to have a microchip or a tattoo.

These, amongst other points, are what sets Medipet apart from other pet insurance companies in South Africa. We’ll go over some more benefits tomorrow. Please email us your comments and opinions!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Ultimate Poll - extended

CATS Vs. DOGS - poll results were a tie! (inevitable?) I've extended the poll voting for another week so that we can try to get a winner.

The cost of pet insurance

Hi Everyone!

As promised, this week we’ll be looking at pet insurance as provided by the South African Pet Insurers MEDIPET SA. They are currently having their website remodeled, but you will soon be able to visit them at For now though, we will be covering some really important information. If you need further details, please do not hesitate to email us at the blog, or contact MEDIPET INSURANCE directly on 0800 MEDIPET.

First off, and most importantly, today we’re going to discuss the cost and coverage. This is because most insurance agencies leave that bit out till last – it’s often very expensive and scary! This is not the case with Medipet Insurance. It costs R115pm for a cat and R125pm for a dog. For this you get R25 000pa coverage, with an excess of R250 per claim. That’s the cost of two movie tickets a month (without popcorn), or pizza for two. You can have peace of mind for almost no investment. The coverage also does not have any specific limits: it is just R25 000 pa of general cover.

So with this cost in mind, how is Medipet Insurance able to provide so much cover for such a little monthly installment? There are a number of things which are not covered by this pet insurance. These include regular pregnancy and delivery, grooming and behavioral problems, elective procedures, hereditary or congenital defects, pre-existing conditions (before insurance was taken out), foods and diets of your choice (unless specifically advised by your vet to assist in clearing up a medical condition).

This may seem like a lot of things that are not covered, but just look at the list of things that are covered:
· Accidental injuries
· Any illnesses
· Operations
· Dog fight lacerations
· Gastric torsion
· Tumour removals
· Snake Bites
· Hip replacements
· R50 per day for kennels, catteries or pet sitters (not living with you), if you are suddenly ill or unable to look after your pet
· Advertising & reward cover – R250 p.a. for cats and R1 000 p.a. for dogs
· R100 p.m. for prescription diet needed to treat an illness for up to 6 months, on recommendation from your vet
And more, of course. Hip replacements, for example, can end up costing you the kind of fortune that most people don’t have lying around.

You wouldn’t not have medical insurance for a member of your family, which of course your pet is, so it is great that there is a local company out there that is committed to providing pet owners with affordable and reliable pet insurance which really delivers.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Insurance Week

When you are looking for insurance, you are often bombarded with so many insurance package options. How do you know which one to choose? How do you know what you are going to need – after all you do not want to be paying for unnecessary cover but you still want to know that you have the cover you may need.

Insurance packages for pets are no different. My animal’s needs must be covered and with handled hassle free assurance. I want to know that if anything should happen - from a car accident to an allergic reaction – my animal’s safety is the first priority. I do not want to worry about how much I will need to fork out at the vet when something does happen.

We all like to think that we are prepared for when something goes wrong but we can never predict when, or where, or how severe an accident or illness can be. So we need our pet’s insurance packages to be comprehensive enough to make sure that whatever happens to our animals they can be taken care of with out us worrying about our financial situations. I can keep my focus on my pet’s health and needs and not have to worry about what the vet bill is going to be. A well covered and suitable insurance gives me peace of mind and insures my animals well being.

This week we will be discussing various pet insurance topics relating to South African pet insurance issues. Be sure to check back for follow ups!