Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MediPet Insurance

Medipet insurance offers packages tailor made to suit either your dog or cat. From as little as R115 a month your cat can be insured for medical needs from snake bites to hip replacements. And from only R125 a month your dog’s medical needs can be covered with the assurance that you can afford to take your pet to a vet whenever it may be needed.

Medipet insurance covers your animal for accidental injuries to any illnesses to operations and will even cover the costs of any vet in South Africa. So if you live in Cape Town you can take your animal to a vet in Cape Town, but if you decide to travel to Johannesberg or any other town or city in South Africa you are still covered by Medipet through their countrywide cover.

With Medipet insurance your cover annual cover for your pet is R25 000 while you excess is only R250. This ensures that no matter what your animal’s medical requirements may be, you can know that your pet will be well taken of without the hassle of unexpected and costly veterinary bills.