Thursday, October 18, 2007

Summer Time, and pets are getting dirty...

Dogs and cats do not always take very kindly to water, but sometimes bathing your pet is essential. Whether your cat or dog’s fur is just feeling grubby to the touch or if they have a skin irritation or fleas – a bath can do wonders.

Bathing your pet may seem a bit unnecessary to some people – after all, animals do keep themselves clean. There are however reasons and certain instances when bathing your pet is necessary. If you are trying to introduce a new pet to the home bathing all of the animals can help a little. If the animals are all bathed in the shame shampoo and area all smelling the same the tension can be slightly diffused. If each animal’s smell seems similar to one another they are less likely to get quite so agitated with there new family members. When bathing your pet you do however need to bear in mind that your animal needs their own shampoo – most shops, as well as vets, do hold cat and dog shampoos. If your animal has fleas or ticks special anti – tick and flea shampoos are quite effective of ridding your pet of these pests.

If your pet is rather small bathing them in your basin can work quite well otherwise getting hold of a dog bath and bathing your animal outside is a good option.