Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pet health: a follow up

You now your animal better than anybody. You know what they enjoy, you know what irritates them and you know best how to take care of them. Because your pet is important to you so is your pet’s health. We know that when we wake up in the morning feeling kind of bogged down with a cold or a bug it is our beloved, cute and unconditionally loving pets that are there for us. They just seem to now when you need a little extra attention – In the same way that they too need extra care when they are not at their peak health wise.

As pet owners we do the best to ensure constant good health in our animals and as the old adage goes – prevention is better than cure. So we can do what we can by keeping up with annual shots and check ups from the vet. We can also be sure to feed our pets the right foods – in the right amounts, without over or under feeding. Regularly checking your pets for fleas, ticks and worms can also help in making sure that your animal is kept in a good and healthy condition.

Pet health is vital for your pet’s well being and over all happiness, so making sure that your pet is bright eyed and bushy tailed takes care, love and practical attention.

Information from vets is the best advice to follow in caring for your pet’s health and a helpful website, which is informed by vets, is The site offers a wide range of advice all based on the importance of your pet’s good health. If you need specific advice, please feel free to contact us and our qualified vet nurse will get back to you asap!