Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitty tips: brushing your cat's hair

If you have a long haired cat then it is essential that you spend some quality time with your kitty brushing his or her hair. This is for a number of reasons, but perhaps the two most important ones are (1) that you will help to prevent uncomfortable and potentially painful matted knots and (2) this will give you special bonding time with your pet that will help form a unique and life long bond!

Here are five easy steps to successful cat-hair brushing:
(1) Get a special cat brush. It is advisable to get a special brush from a vet or pet shop rather than any old brush because you want one that will be soft enough for comfort yet fine enough to brush out dirt and potential knots. Speak to your local vet nurse or pet shop owner about your specific cat to find out which brush is best.

(2) Start slow. Introducing brushing can result in scratches, bites and bad tempers so wait until kitty is sitting with you and purring (petting and scratching works wonders!) and then brush lightly in long slow strokes down his back. If he doesn't like it, let him get up. Repeat this process whenever you get the chance.

(3) Clean your cat brush after every use. Cat hair and dirt will clog the brush bristles up and will make brushing uncomfortable or redundant. Simply pull out the hair after each brush and, if recommended for your type of brush, clean with warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse properly every time!

(4) When brushing, watch your cat's reactions. Cats are very private animals and do not like to be touched too much. They will let you know if you are upsetting them or going into a private zone. Tail flicks, halted purring and the obvious biting, scratching and kicking are good indicators.

(5) Finally, you should let your kitty get up when he wants to. Don't hold him against his will because he will resent being brushed. Eventually you'll find that he won't mind it so much and might even look forward to a little tickle and brush every now and then!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stealing dogs for fighting - what to do to prevent this

It is a scary fact that most dogs and puppies that go missing are being used for dog fighting. You need to take extra precautions in your home and garden, and especially when you are walking your dog, so that you protect your pup from harm.

- always keep your dog inside a locked and secure area at night time and during the day. You might consider electric fencing or spiked protected walls to prevent intrusions. Do not let your dog roam around in an accessible garden or in the streets.
- ensure that your dog undergoes training so that it will respond to your commands if in a perilous situation. You need to know that your dog will be able to run away or defend itself from a thief if you are both attacked.
- always carry a cellphone with you when you go walking, and ensure that it has a fully charged battery.
- you might consider investing in a pepper gun, stun gun or streaming pepper spray unit for walking so that you can defend yourself if someone tries to steal your best friend. Always make sure that you know how to use your means of defence so that you are equipped to deal with any situation. Never threaten or attack a thief who has a weapon aimed at you.
- Give your dog a special spot in your kitchen or living room so that he can sleep inside.
- Always walk your dog on a leash so that you are together, and start walking in groups of at least two individuals to prevent spontaneous attacks. 'Strength and intimidation in numbers'!
- last of all, be vigilant. Crime can be prevented or avoided if you are aware of it.
Remember, if you see someone suspicious in your neighbourhood you should report it to the police immediately. Never stand up to an intruder if they threaten you. Also, pet insurance will be incredibly helpful if your pet is injured during a struggle and needs medical attention.

Missing Cat




Cindy Knein
011 8879028

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeding your fish: a general guide

It's not often that we talk about fish here at SA Pet Lovers, but a concerned pet owner sent us an email asking 'How often should I feed my fish?' and we thought it was such a good question!

One of the biggest mistakes that a fish owner can make is feeding their fish too often. This is because the excess fish food can clog up the filter and also break down into harmful toxins that can kill fish. You also do not want your fish to overeat and get ill.

Fish naturally eat food whenever it is available so they will gobble up all of the food that you provide them will; they'll keep on nibbling on fish food even if they've recently eaten. It is for this reason specifically that you need to regulate the amount of food that you give your fish and how many times you feed them.

How many times you feed your fish depends on the type of fish that you have - you should check with the pet store or breeder that you bought them from before buying new fish food. Most types of fish are quite happy being fed once a day, but some bigger varieties require additional meal times. Herbivorous fish require many small meals in a day, and nocturnal feeders only eat at night, so be sure that you know what kind of fish you have before starting a feeding plan.

The amount of food that you give your fish is also dependant on the kind of fish that you have but a good rule to follow is to see how much food your fish can consume in five minutes and regulate the meal to that amount. This is a good way to ensure that your fish gets enough food without it becoming harmful!

Best of luck with your pet fish: hopefully this guide will be useful!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Animal Accident

Animal accidents can range in type and severity, knowing what to do and how to respond to different situations and animal accidents can be extremely valuable. Tips for avoiding a dog attack animal accident can a go a long way in protecting you, your loved ones and even the dog or dogs concerned.
Dogs are by nature amorous and social animals and will not attack without any reason. Dogs, as with most animals, will attack when they feel threatened, frightened, are pushed to attack or feel that they have to be protective against an outside force.

If for some reason you have gotten into a situation where it seems as though a dog might be aggressive and seems as though it is about to attack you the most important thing to do is to stay calm. Animal accidents can be prevented and when they are not preventable they can be managed well if you do the right things. It is vitally important to keep calm to ensure that this animal accident leaves both you and the animal unscathed. At first just stand still, fold your arms and face the dog without making eye contact, and then slowly back away form the animal. An aggressive dog is reacting out of fear, so do the least to make it feel more threatened and get away from the situation as calmly as possible.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Animal Love

Ever wondered why animals are so endearing? The way that an animal can creep into our hearts and capture our deepest levels of unconditional love is a mystery that we have all experienced at some point in our lives…and is something that is sure to happen time and time again! An animal is not only cute and fluffy, whether a cat or a dog, a wilder animal version or even a scaly snake these animals capture our imaginations and our hearts!

An animal seems to be able to bring out the better side of each one of us and that is probably why we form such deep and long lasting bonds with our pets. No matter how old we get we still remember our first animal and our family or very own pet. The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is a saying that holds a ton of truth. Whether your animal and best friend is a cat, a dog or a salamander your animal is sure to reciprocate your love so be sure to let them know that you appreciate them with an extra hug, a few extra moments of your unrivaled attention or with a bonus treat!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breed Spotlight: Transylvanian Hound

There are certain dog breeds that we love and cherish because they hold their own very unique and very special qualities. One dog breed that is revered and regarded as one of the most beautiful dog breeds is the Transylvanian Hound. Regarded as easily trainable this beautiful and lesser known dog breed is great for home and professional dog training.
Originating from Hungary the dog training that the earlier Transylvanian Hound’s underwent was to properly prepare them for hunting and retrieving.

With two varieties: the short-legged and the long-legged, each variant went through specific dog training to make them most effective in their hunting specialties. The shorter-legged dog was trained for hunting hares and smaller animals while the longer-legged dog went through dog training that prepared them to hunt slightly larger animals.

Although not used for hunting today these beautiful Transylvanian Hounds still maintain their ancestral good dog training and training abilities.
Hence they are known to be extremely good natured as well as obedient and they take very quickly to any good dog training.

The sad thing about these gorgeous Transylvanian Hounds is that they are hardly found outside of Hungary and are dwindling in numbers. So if you are looking for a great family dog that is great in dog training, why not take a serious look at the Transylvanian Hound?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Animal Help

Sometimes choosing our new dog might require some knowledgeable animal help. This means that we are likely to find great benefit from finding out information about our prospective pets before we decide to take them home with us – or, if we have already given in to their puppy dog eyes and irresistible cuteness we can of course still get a hold of the necessary info once our cute little bundles of fluff are already at home with us.Whenever we choose to seek it out, animal help will be indispensible to both us and to our pets.

In choosing a new dog or in finding out how best to look after a new dog getting input on animal help from a reliable source can ensure that your dog, you and your family get the best experience from being each others best friends. Animal help can range from finding the best foods to feed your pet to medical help, dog training, and home training to making sure that both your dog and your children get along in a safe and nurtured environment.

When seeking out animal help your best sources are your pet’s vet, dog trainers, dog breeders and even secure and reliable internet and book sources can dramatically aid you in gaining valuable animal help information. Trust the MediPet Sa Pet Lovers Blog to help you with all of your animal needs! Email us at

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Puppies for sale!

Hi All

I have 6 Golden Retriever Puppies that I am selling. They are R2000 each.

I have 4 Males and 2 Females available.

The Father is a pedigree Retriever with papers.

They have been inoculated and are available immediately.

Please contact

Jo-ann Stokes
Cell: 0826509238

Winter warmers: dog cushions

We are hopefully through the worst that winter has to offer us for this year and due to the cold and wet winter we have had your pet may have gotten used to sleeping indoors with you and the family. As winter starts to draw to an end your pet is not likely to return back outdoors when they know that they could be sitting around with you and the kids. So instead of kicking your pets off of your furniture why not treat them to their own piece of indoor furniture, such as a snug and comfy dog cushion, that they can sprawl out on in the comforts of your home.

Dog cushions are available in a wide range of sizes and you can even make your own or have a dog cushion custom made for your pooch. The best thing about your dog having their own dog cushion is that it gives them a place to lay down where they can be close but out of the way without leaving trails of fur all over your furniture. Dog cushions that come with removable covers are easy to keep clean and create a hygienic sleeping place for your pet.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Breed Spotlight: Chinese Crested Dog

It may at first glimpse appear to be more of a pet accident than an actual specially bred lovable dog breed, but the Chinese Crested Dog is certainly no pet accident! First bred in China the early Chinese Crested Dogs were used to on ships to chase down and kill rats. Defiantly not pet accidents these dogs were given a specific purpose and with their small bodies and fast little legs the Chinese Crested Dogs were able to maneuver and scurry around the ships with considerable finding rats that were very unwelcome stowaways on the Chinese ships.

Looking a little unusual and looking strikingly like an animal breed pet accident these very cute little Chinese Crested Dogs come in two slightly differing types: the Hairless version and the Powder Puff type.
Interestingly the perception of an odd sort of pet accident perpetuates through the two differing types as they can both appear in the same littler of puppies! Classified as a Toy breed the Chinese Crested Dog is an adorable and small dog that reaches 4.5 kilograms in weight and up 30 centimeters in height.This is one dog that is sure to attract attention wherever it goes with its vibrancy and adorable crest and furry paws.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Animal eating habits: your cat

What your cat eats can have either a positive of negative impact on their health. Often animals do not get the right amounts of food and when they do eat enough they are not always getting the right vitamins and nutrients from their foods. Finding your cat the best cat food for them is the best place to start in finding a sure way to guarantee their good health that can also be sustained.

Visiting the local supermarket will offer you a wide array of cat food choices. And it is very important to carefully consider what your cat needs and enjoys in their cat food. Kitten cat food is great for very young cats as the food is specifically designed to give your kitten the exact nutrition that a growing cat needs. As your cat grows you will soon find that they can and will also want to eat more and other types of food. This includes chicken, meat, fish and specially formulated adult cat foods created especially to keep your cat in peak physical condition. As you pet ages however their needs from their cat food will change and this is when you might wan to speak to your vet and switch your cat from their adult diet to a cat food diet that designed to best suit a more senior animal.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kitten essentials

Playful little kittens are loving bundles of joy but they can also be, and usually are, heaps of mischief too! When you have to go out to work and have to leave your new little kitten at home I'm sure you will need ways to settle your mind and be sure that your kitten is safe in your home and surroundings. To minimize risk until your feel confident that your kittens are used to their new home and that your home is sufficiently kitten safe you can limit your kittens to a certain space. Make sure that this space, whether it be the garden, the house or a room in your house, is big enough for the kitten to run around in and be comfortable in.

Also be sure to leave your kittens with all the necessities. If your kitten is outside then a litter box will not be necessary but if they are staying inside then you will need to leave out a litter box that is accessible and easy enough for your kitten to climb in and out of. It is best that you also show your kitten the litter box a few times to get them accustomed to the idea of using it. Very importantly, if your kittens are staying in or out they will need access to food and to clean, fresh water.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are fleas driving you hopping mad?

Getting rid of fleas can be a tough task, but it does not have to be! Prevention is always better than a fix but sometimes prevention is near impossible. Your cat or dog, if they pick up fleas, is likely to pick them up from other animals, from playing around in the garden or from rolling
around in the sand. As much of a hassle as it can be you cannot really stop your pets from playing outside, so because your pet is still going to be outside and is potentially going to be coming into contact with the likes of fleas, and ticks the best that you can do for them is to keep a vigilant eye and to know how to best deal with the fleas when they do appear.

Anti flea solutions include drops, sprays and tablets. All three have been shown to work, with a lot of pet owners and pets having their own preferences. Do keep in mind that when getting rid of fleas cats do not generally take too kindly to the anti flea sprays as the sound of the
sprayer tends to sound a lot like another cat hissing. Which ever is easiest to dispense to your cat or dog is the going to be the answer to getting rid of their fleas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Medipet Pet Insurance

Medipet insurance is designed with you are your pet's best needs in mind. When you take out health cover for your pet with Medipet insurance you are getting a reliable safety net that will be there for you in your greatest times of need. If your cat or dog were to suddenly fall ill or if they were to be knocked over by a car you are sure to appreciate and find immense comfort in knowing that you do not have to worry about medical costs, vet bills and whether or not you can afford your cat or dog’s medical treatment. Through Medipet insurance all of your pet’s medical needs are covered and you can focus all your time and energy into your pet and their recovery.

It is never pleasant to think about the chance that our pets might need medical attention but it is good to know that we do not have to deal with alone if it ever happens. Medipet insurance also goes the extra mile with their insurance cover and offers you many other extremely helpful services such as assistance and support in finding your dog or cat if they go missing. For the comfort and reliability that Medipet insurance offers you it is well worth seeing to it that your cat and/or dog is covered with great medical insurance!

Monday, July 14, 2008

An interesting Olympics thought

We all know the stories that float around about how animal dog meat is considered a great delicacy in Chinese and Korean restaurants. Some of us may think “oh great - that would be interesting to try.” However, for those of us who prefer to see our beloved little domestic animal running around playfully in our back yard, we can quite happily pass up the chance to even think about eating a dog. Most western culture does not believe that animal dog meat has healing or other medicinal qualities so we leave it out of the kitchen and off of the menu so when we encounter cultures that do eat this animal meat we can feel a little shocked at the thought.

For this reason Chinese authorities have decided to ban animal dog meat from restaurants for the duration of the 2008 Olympic Games. Due to the influx of foreigners to China for next month’s Games and in September for the Paralympics the popular animal dog meat dish options have been removed from menu’s and restaurants to make eating out more tolerable for those less comfortable with the idea of eating this more unusual form of an animal meat dish.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pet assistance questions & answers

When talking to pet owners there are a few pet assistance questions that are clearly areas of concern and interest to many pet owners. Some of the more common pet assistance questions include what the best foods are to feed animals, how often to bath domestic animals and there are usually abounding questions regarding animal health interests and medical concerns.

Regarding pet assistance with the right foods to feed your pet your vet would be the best person to speak to. Your vet will be able to identify the specific dietary needs of your animal and can then suggest the best food or foods to be feeding your animal that will greatly contribute to their overall health. Again, when it comes to pet assistance questions to do with your animal’s health your vet would be the best and most reliable source. But when it comes to pat assistance questions around medical issues there are a few options open to you.

You can, again, speak to your vet and you can even make contact with Medipet animal health insurance and ask them anything about having your pet’s health covered with a great medical insurance package that is ready for you when you most need pet assistance with your vet bills and animal’s health.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dog Training

The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what if, you may ask, you have recently adopted an older dog that has not had sufficient dog training and that you would love to teach basic commands to? Well, if you have a new that happens to be older if you have your own dog that has grown up with you but has never had dog training it is never to late to teach your dog a few tricks. You might not get you older dog doing overly energetic leaps and bounds but with some love, patience and consistency you can still teach your dog to listen to you and you could get them to obey certain commands as well.

Whether or not an animal will listen to you has a lot to do with your treatment of the animal. If you are loud and abrasive you may get a response from a dog but it is very unlikely to be the response that you desire. Effective dog training requires a gentle and loving approach that can be both stern as well as fun. Importantly your dog should trust you and with a good owner – dog relationship you can still give a shot at dog training and you may be pleasantly surprised that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Puppies: Keep your eyes open

Standing up and speaking out for those who cannot do it for themselves is essential to making our world and our societies better and safer places for us all. Some voices that go unheard and really need to be rallied for are the innocent and defenceless animals – this includes kittens, puppies and adult domestic animals – that are often abused and grossly mistreated.
The saddest cases include puppies that are bred and grow up inside of puppy mills and fully grown dogs that are forced to fight each other to the death as a disgusting and morose spectator sport.

Puppies are cute, vulnerable creatures that often fall prey to ill intentioned people who try to release their own anger or try to make a quick buck off of the puppies. This money making however in the case of puppy mills is more often than not at great expense to the well being of the puppies. In puppy mills puppies are mass bred for large scale commercial dog breeding. The adult breeding dogs are often times kept under extremely bad conditions and are kept cooped up in small cages and are repeatedly bred for the sake of producing as many puppies to sell to the puppy buying market.

Be aware of such terrible cases and when you are looking to buy a new puppy be sure to get proper breeder information to make sure that your puppies are not form one of these abhorrent puppy mills.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grooming parlours: be careful what you say!

About a week ago a friend of mine decided to take her three year old long-haired corgi to a grooming parlour for the first time. She had decided to go because she was finding it hard to keep up with the brushing of her dog, Bess’s, fur. Now as you know corgis, like all other long haired animals, need to be regularly groomed to prevent knotting and matting of the fur. Bess’s fur had not reached any stages of severe matting, just a few knots here and there and with my friend’s schedule she just was not able to spend the time combing out the little knots each day.
Instead of battling and feeling guilty about it she decided that a visit to the nearby animal grooming parlour would do Bess the world of good.

So my friend booked Bess an appointment for early Saturday morning, dropped Bess off and explained to the assistant at the grooming parlour that she was having trouble keeping up with combing out her dog’s fur, etc. and the assistant told her not to worry and that she could pick up a well groomed Bess in an hour.

One hour later my friend returned to pick up Bess and to her shock could barley recognise her own dog who now sported a completely short hair cut!
The assistant had apparently misunderstood that all Bess needed was some good grooming and had assumed that shorter fur would help both Bess and her owner keep the knots out of Bess’s beautiful long fur.

Grooming parlours can be great and extremely useful to busy pet owners but be sure to be clear about what you want them to do for your dog – or you too might end up with a close shave and barely recognise your own dog!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Animal Accidents - be prepared!

Has your dog or cat ever been involved in an animal accident? Would you like to have been more prepared to deal with your pet’s animal accident?

Our pets getting hurt is not something that we as loving pet owners would ever want to think about, unfortunately though, it is a reality that does need attention and being prepared is always better than having to deal with entire situations as they happen. Thankfully we can think about our animals, their all round safety and their health with mindful preparation rather than with dismay. Animal accidents can leave us feeling helpless and at a complete loss as to what to do. With medical health insurance from Medipet you can know that there is support and preparation for anything from an unexpected animal accident to illness.

It is a huge relief to know that we can prepare for animal accidents before they occur. With the likes of great veterinary help and good health insurance we know that we are covered should our pets ever need emergency, or other unexpected, medical attention due to an animal accident. To find out more about Medipet animal accident and health insurance cover visit them at

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kittens! Some things you need to know

Have you recently brought an adorable new kitten into your home? Or are you planning of adopting a one or two cute little kittens any time soon? Well then you will probably be looking around for some help and advice on the best ways to take care of your new and gorgeous family member.

Kittens are generally adopted and weaned from their mother at around the age 6 to 7 weeks. This means that although the kittens no longer need their mother they still do need the love an attention that a mother would give them, so in the first few months you should really spend a lot of time with your kitten, get to know them, let them get to know you and form a strong bond of love that will be the foundation for years to come.

When your kittens are still very young you will need to feed them soft foods. Which you can easily buy pre-packaged as specially made “kitten” food in sachets or tins at your local shop. Also always be sure that your kittens have constant access to clean, fresh water.

And do remember that even with all of the greatest advice in the world on how to care for your little kittens the best and never faltering care is the unconditional love and bond that you and your kitten will come to share.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pet Beds: is sharing your bed a good idea?

Is your best friend a part of the family? Surely! It's amazing how many people consider their cats and dogs to be furry relatives that are so special that they get birthday presents, christmas presents, and even a spot on the bed!

About 80% of all pet owners allow their dogs and cats to share the bed when it's cold outside, and more than 50% of those owners let their furry friend share the pillow with them. What are the pros and cons of this sharing nature?

- Your cat may be clean, but still steps in his or her litter box. Dogs, on the other hand, appear to be anything but hygienic when it comes to toilet matters! This could spread germs and bacteria to your bed, and even a bit of a bad smell from time to time.

- Your cat and dog could be carrying fleas, which means that you could soon be hopping mad with itchy bites all night long! Be sure to check your pet often for signs of fleas and flea eggs, and check your bed to make sure that you are safe.

- Your pet could be a special breed that is unable to keep sufficiently warm at night, so they seek out other sources of heat like your happily sleeping body. This works in your favour too because there is nothing quite as snugly warm as your very own furry hot water bottle pooch or teddy bear cat!

- cats and dogs get up a lot earlier than people, although some dogs tend to lie in, so make sure that you are up early enough to let them go outside. Also, your kitty might wake up in the middle of the night and decide that he wants to play: this could get very dangerous for your hands and feet!

- All pets are bed hoggers, and will take up as much space as you let them. Be sure to train your pet to sleep at your feet rather than in the middle or at your head so that you get enough sleeping space and you don't accidentally roll over onto them when having a bad dream.

- and finally, about bad dreams, dogs and cats both experience a similar dreaming function to us humans, which means they can bark, meow, purr, kick and twitch during their sleep which can keep you up when you're trying to sleep, or even give you an unexpected fright! Be sure to check your pet's sleeping habits before you let them into your snugly haven!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pet Adoption

Do you just love animals and wildlife? Would you like to do more than just look after your own pets? Or are if you are not able to currently have an animal of your own to care for and love then adoption of an animal may be the way for you to spread your affection for the earth’s most beautiful and lovable creatures. There are a vast number animal and wildlife organisations that offer you the chance of adopting an animal. Through this adoption you can contribute time or finances that will be used to create a better life for your adopted animal. Instead of taking the animal home with you, you can help to keep the animal safe and protected in their own environments.

This means of adoption lets you enjoy the knowledge that you are contributing to our natural world and that a cute little kitten in an animal shelter or a robust rhino out in the wild is able to be looked after and cared for thanks to your donation. Be sure that the organisation that you choose to access your adoption through is legitimate. Be sure that they are a registered organisation. A good place to look when considering adoption is the World Wildlife Fund and you can even consider looking into some of your local animal adoption programmes

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Litter Box Know-How

When it comes to your cat’s litter box the changing and cleaning can be an annoyance but we ultimately know that keeping the litter box clean helps us and our kitties to keep our homes clean. An important fact to remember when you are trying to train your cat to use a litter box is that the box is not the natural instinctive place for your cat to conduct their ablutions.

Cats will naturally be outside and would be using real sand. With this in mind it is necessary to find a cat litter that your cat most prefers to use. So if your kitty does get into the litter box but seems hesitant to scratch in it, and to use it, then try swapping the litter for a different type.

Either switch your litter around with a finer litter gravel or try silicone or crystal cat litter in their litter box. Also make sure that you have positioned the litter box in a quiet and out of the way place – cats need to fell safe and have an element of privacy to feel comfortable to use their litter box. Remember that cats are particular about their cleanliness so they will often only use a litter box that is not too dirty, so be sure to regularly change the cat litter.