Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dog Training

The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what if, you may ask, you have recently adopted an older dog that has not had sufficient dog training and that you would love to teach basic commands to? Well, if you have a new that happens to be older if you have your own dog that has grown up with you but has never had dog training it is never to late to teach your dog a few tricks. You might not get you older dog doing overly energetic leaps and bounds but with some love, patience and consistency you can still teach your dog to listen to you and you could get them to obey certain commands as well.

Whether or not an animal will listen to you has a lot to do with your treatment of the animal. If you are loud and abrasive you may get a response from a dog but it is very unlikely to be the response that you desire. Effective dog training requires a gentle and loving approach that can be both stern as well as fun. Importantly your dog should trust you and with a good owner – dog relationship you can still give a shot at dog training and you may be pleasantly surprised that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!