Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeding your fish: a general guide

It's not often that we talk about fish here at SA Pet Lovers, but a concerned pet owner sent us an email asking 'How often should I feed my fish?' and we thought it was such a good question!

One of the biggest mistakes that a fish owner can make is feeding their fish too often. This is because the excess fish food can clog up the filter and also break down into harmful toxins that can kill fish. You also do not want your fish to overeat and get ill.

Fish naturally eat food whenever it is available so they will gobble up all of the food that you provide them will; they'll keep on nibbling on fish food even if they've recently eaten. It is for this reason specifically that you need to regulate the amount of food that you give your fish and how many times you feed them.

How many times you feed your fish depends on the type of fish that you have - you should check with the pet store or breeder that you bought them from before buying new fish food. Most types of fish are quite happy being fed once a day, but some bigger varieties require additional meal times. Herbivorous fish require many small meals in a day, and nocturnal feeders only eat at night, so be sure that you know what kind of fish you have before starting a feeding plan.

The amount of food that you give your fish is also dependant on the kind of fish that you have but a good rule to follow is to see how much food your fish can consume in five minutes and regulate the meal to that amount. This is a good way to ensure that your fish gets enough food without it becoming harmful!

Best of luck with your pet fish: hopefully this guide will be useful!