Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Puppies: Keep your eyes open

Standing up and speaking out for those who cannot do it for themselves is essential to making our world and our societies better and safer places for us all. Some voices that go unheard and really need to be rallied for are the innocent and defenceless animals – this includes kittens, puppies and adult domestic animals – that are often abused and grossly mistreated.
The saddest cases include puppies that are bred and grow up inside of puppy mills and fully grown dogs that are forced to fight each other to the death as a disgusting and morose spectator sport.

Puppies are cute, vulnerable creatures that often fall prey to ill intentioned people who try to release their own anger or try to make a quick buck off of the puppies. This money making however in the case of puppy mills is more often than not at great expense to the well being of the puppies. In puppy mills puppies are mass bred for large scale commercial dog breeding. The adult breeding dogs are often times kept under extremely bad conditions and are kept cooped up in small cages and are repeatedly bred for the sake of producing as many puppies to sell to the puppy buying market.

Be aware of such terrible cases and when you are looking to buy a new puppy be sure to get proper breeder information to make sure that your puppies are not form one of these abhorrent puppy mills.