Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winter warmers: dog cushions

We are hopefully through the worst that winter has to offer us for this year and due to the cold and wet winter we have had your pet may have gotten used to sleeping indoors with you and the family. As winter starts to draw to an end your pet is not likely to return back outdoors when they know that they could be sitting around with you and the kids. So instead of kicking your pets off of your furniture why not treat them to their own piece of indoor furniture, such as a snug and comfy dog cushion, that they can sprawl out on in the comforts of your home.

Dog cushions are available in a wide range of sizes and you can even make your own or have a dog cushion custom made for your pooch. The best thing about your dog having their own dog cushion is that it gives them a place to lay down where they can be close but out of the way without leaving trails of fur all over your furniture. Dog cushions that come with removable covers are easy to keep clean and create a hygienic sleeping place for your pet.