Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a security that should not be underrated or ignored, the importance of being able to take care of our pets and their health in their time of need is something that should be and that needs to be considered before our pets actually need it. Taking care of our pets and their future health requirements is however not something that we have to do alone. We, fortunately, have access to professionals such as vets and knowledgeable animal experts who can offer up advice and assistance where and when we need it. And with pet insurance accessing this assistance is even easier and more hassle free than it has ever been.

With pet insurance my cats and dogs are covered with a reliable promise that no matter what should happen to them, they will be taken care of by a trained and knowledgeable vet who cares about their health. So if any of my pets happen to suddenly fall ill or involved in an accident of some sort I know that with pet insurance behind me I do not have to worry about anything and I can focus my attention on my beloved animal and their well being.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finding a Cape Town vet

The value of a good vet is something that should not be underestimated. If you live in Johannesburg or in Cape Town, vet assistance is invaluable to making sure that your animal is receiving the right treatment for whatever their health needs may be. So when you are looking for a vet for your animals ask around and find out from neighbors, friends or family members who live in the same area as you do where they take their pets. Very often you will hear about how great a certain vet is and that they are so impressive because they treat pets with general love and care. Vets do care about your animals and their health needs and are interested and dedicated to ensuring that your animal is given the best quality of life possible with careful attention their specific needs.

In bigger cities vets are rather prolific, Cape Town vets are easy to find and are to be found from the northern suburbs right to down the Atlantic seaboard to the Southern suburbs. If you are moving from one area to another you could even speak to current vet a bout referring your to one in your new area.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Animal Adoption

Animal adoption is a frequently talked about subject. Not only is it regarded as a noble thing to do at times, but finding your new pet is also a fun and exciting new experience. Choosing where to adopt your animal from is an idea that may need some careful consideration. You could adopt your new cat or dog from a private source or you could find a specific breed from professional breeders. Professional breeders contacts can be found through your vet, through their own websites, or through breed affiliated animal clubs.

If you are not too concerned about the specialized breed of your pet then you could even pay a visit to an animal rescue centre. Animal rescue centers take in animals that are found after having been abandoned by their owners, they take in kittens and puppies that are newly born and unwanted by the owner of the parents and the centers also take in lost or injured animals – so they are also a good place to start looking if your pet has gone missing. In South Africa there are a number of animal centers from the SPCA, TEARS, DARG and a few privately run centers by devoted animal lovers.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Animal Safety

Animal safety is of great importance and is one the foremost priorities when it comes to pet ownership. Your animal – whether he or she is a cat or dog – needs to be looked after and their safety is a key factor to making absolutely sure that their health and needs are all met and adequately provided for. And there are a number of ways in which you can be sure to cover your all of these needs.

By following your instincts as a loving and caring pet owner you can increase your pet’s safety and thus their overall quality of life with dramatic results. This means that through vigilance and by keeping an eye on all things related to your pet and their well being, you can know that their health is taken care of because it is in your loving and reliable hands.

Health insurance is an extremely helpful and easy way of adding to your animal safety nets. So by keeping informed about pet health matters, by covering your pet’s health needs with pet insurance and by getting and following good veterinary advice your pet’s life can be notably and effectively enhanced and protected in the best possible ways.

Friday, January 25, 2008

MediPet Pet Insurance

If your dog or cat is a pure bred animal with breed papers and all or if your cat or dog is a regular sort of domestic, or even what they call a pavement special – chances are you love your pet all the same because of who they are, and you love them for the joy that they bring into your day to day life. And with Medipet you can ensure that the joy is ongoing.

A pet’s personality is what makes them so precious to us and their charms, and characters, and those well known ‘puppy dog eyes’ – that even some cats seem to master – are what creep into our hearts and creates an extra special kind of bond between us and our beloved pets. And because our cats and dogs have such a special place within our hearts and lives it is plainly obvious that we would do all we could to make sure that our animals are looked after and care for in the proper and best ways. With Medipet if your cat or dog is a rare and special breed or if your pet is simply special to you, you can cover them reliably with great pet insurance.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Labrador Breed Profile

Labrador Breed profile

Looking for a new pet and that extra special addition to the family means that you will take a few things into consideration before you choose your new dog. Along with the practical side of your available home space and the time you can spend with the dog you could also be quite particular about the type or breed of dog that you choose to take home with you. Labrador Retrievers make the ideal dog for home and family life – they are playful as puppies and tend to keep their sprightly exuberance right through into their older age.

Labrador Retriever puppies come in two breeds – the English Labrador, which is heavier and thicker and the American Labrador which is tall and lanky. Labs – as they are more affectionately referred to – also come in a few colour varieties. The best known of which is probably the golden colour, but there are also solid black and chocolate varieties. The Labrador Retrievers are well known for their amazing swimming capabilities, their strong muscular bodies and thick otter-like tails and larger feet all add to their attributes as good swimmers and energetic dogs that enjoy a range of good physical activity.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kittens: the Rex Breed profile

Rex Breed profile

Known to be very affectionate cats the Rexes are typically also known to show certain dog-like qualities in their affection towards their owners, they will follow you around and even go after to retrieve toys. Distinctively elegant their strongest features are their long and elegant looking paws and toes which also serves to help make them the extremely playful and agile cats that they are. Along with their agility they are very active and playful cats from their young days as kittens right into their older ages.

Within the Rex breed of cats there are also more specific cat types – some of these are the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex and the Selkirk Rex. All of which share the trait of short and luxurious fur. Their fur is short, soft and curly and their fragile and soft exterior belies there muscular build and innate strength. The fur is extraordinarily soft and luxurious to the touch, and touching the fur of Rex has even been described as feeling like touching crushed velvet. From early on in life as kittens the Rex is a cat that seeks out constant companionship and playmates. As an owner you will get hours of affection and playtime from a loyal and loving breed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pet Insurance

Often a choice that you make in the type of pet that you choose to have is some reflection on who you are as a person as well as a reflection on your lifestyle. So whether you choose a big, rough and tumbling, outdoor, energetic sort of dog that you can take out on adventures and frequent outdoor activities, or if you choose a home body of a cat that will purr and cuddle up to you while happily spend hours sleeping on your lap, your pet of choice will definitely soon become an extension of you and your lifestyle.

If you also happen travel a lot you will also be sure to have a pet that can either be looked after for the time you are away or have a pet that is suited to travelling around with you. Making sure that your cat or dog’s health is well covered should they happen to fall ill or are involved in an unpredictable accident is also a great way of securing your good responsibility as a pet owner. Pet insurance makes all of this easy to cover and with your pet’s health taken care of your can enjoy those outdoor adventures or lazy weekends, and restful evenings at home with the cat or dog that makes you most happy to have a pet.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pet Grooming

If a long haired cat or dog is not quite the pet for you then you should take a look at some of the adorable – and just as cuddly – short hair cats or dogs. This leaves you with the larger majority of the pet kingdom to choose from as most domestic animals fall into the category of long or medium haired. As with the longer haired pets you can have your pick of color and with the dogs you can still have the choice of size too. So choosing a short or medium haired breed of cat or dog means that you will not have to spend extra time seeing to the grooming of long fur and you can save time on the brushing and bathing and more regular trips to the grooming parlors. Short to medium haired dog breeds you could take a look at include terriers to short haired Labradors. While in the cat world you could look at just about any type of cat and find the short to medium haired equivalent, from Siamese cats to tabbies, tortoise-shell, ginger, black and a wide array of colors. You could, if you are drawn to them and are very serious about as little fur as possible, even choose to adopt a Rex breed of cat into your home.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Grooming Parlour tidbits

Choosing a pet that is suited to you and to your family means that it well worth the time to make sure that the pet that you choose to bring into your family is the right one. This means that you can consider the size of your home and garden space, and the time that you can dedicate to your pet when deciding on the right breed of cat or dog. Long haired animals such as Persian cats are gorgeous animals and are a delight to stroke and to have around. They look great and long haired domestic cats come in a variety of colors and breeds. This means that if you are drawn to ginger cats, or black or grey or tabby, bi-colored, tortoise-shell or any other type of cat you are very likely to find a fluffy and cuddly long haired cat in that color too. And if their coats form a combination of a few colors altogether their fur is then referred to as ‘smoke’. Long haired pets are exceptionally beautiful but they require a little more time and attention when it comes to taking care of their fur. So a bit of time and an occasional visit to the grooming parlour could prove invaluable.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The results are in!

Dear all,

The results are in! The question: how often do you bath your dogs?
28% say once every two weeks
57% say once a month
14% say never

Although your dog can lick himself and keep himself somewhat clean, bathing your dog is an important part of your pet routine. Not only is a bath a great way to keep your pet smelling and looking great, but most dogs can have a lot of fun with their owners when having a bath too.

How often should you bath your dog?
There are many different breeds and types of dogs, and each breed will enjoy different activities - the best rule of thumb to employ here is to bath your dog when he or she starts to smell a bit. Help them to get rid of the dirt and both you and your pooch will feel great. Be careful not to bath your dog too often, or they will lose their skin's natural oils which help to keep them clean.

Things to remember
-You should always brush out your dog's coat before giving them a bath, this will make the whole process a lot easier for both of you.
-Always make sure that you use a special doggy shampoo that helps to make your dog's coat shiny and healthy, and will help to replace lost oils or nutrients.
-Put a rubber mat in the bottom of your dog bath so that your pup doesn't go slipping and sliding all over the place. He may just think that outside is a lot more appealing than inside the tub!
-When bathing outside, choose a nice warm spot that isn't near any sand or mud so that your dog can stay nice and clean once you've finished washing him.
-For interest's sake, you can get a special dog towel that absorbs a lot more water than our ordinary bath towels do, and can get your pooch clean and dry in no time! This is the perfect option for stressed dog owners who hate wet dog marks on their furniture, or dislike having to bath a dog twice after he has just rolled in some dirty sand!

Don't forget to vote in this week's poll!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animal Help

Your animal is your best friend and your confidant, whether a cat or a dog you know that they are the one friend that you can turn to no matter how miserable you are feeling and no matter how bad of a day you might just have had. Because you and your cat or dog are so close and because you love them you naturally would want to make certain that your pet is well and properly covered for anything that he or she might need. And when you are looking at taking good care of their health it is a good idea to take a look at pet insurance options that will make sure that your pet is covered for anything that they may need in terms of health needs and medical treatment.

Medipet offers you and your animal reliable insurance that is suited to either cats or dogs and will cover your pet for their entire lifespan and will make your life as a pet owner that much easier while ensuring that your pet will be taken care of by qualified and expert vets when and wherever it is needed, without you having to worry about the financial cost.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pet Blog

Information and a constant flow of it is absolutely essential to making certain that you are extremely well equipped with valuable knowledge and is also necessary in making sure that you are always able to put this solid knowledge to the best use possible. By regularly reading a pet blog you can keep up to date with news on cats and dogs and also learn more about all things regarding owning a pet of your own.

If you are wanting to share information, read up on information or even just comment on something, the ideal way to do it all now days is through a blog. And with the Medipet pet blog you can read up on anything regarding Medipet’s health insurance packages and all other interesting facts and comments regarding cats and dogs. You can even comment yourself and send through queries about your pets and get sound and good advice from reliable sources. Medipet will ensure that you are well informed about your pet’s health needs and your insurance options so that you care able to make a decisive and well informed decision about taking out pet insurance and the needs of your cat or dog’s respective health.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Do you need any advice on looking after your cat or dog? Pet faq and answers are much closer at hand than you might think. Medipet is a pet insurance company that is designed and dedicated to ensuring that both you and you pet are taken care of in the best and most comprehensive ways possible. This means that where some pet insurance companies may just be offering your basic pet health insurance, Medipet is going hat extra mile to make your pet’s life that much better and your life that much simpler. The Medipet website offers you all the information that you may need to know and might want to ask about you pet when you are considering, or are already in the process of acquiring, or if you already have pet insurance. As well as offering you relevant and necessary information you can also find expert vet advice on all areas regarding your cat or dog’s health.

So for any questions, shared ideas or advice or for any faq on pet insurance with Medipet give the Medipet website a visit at And if your need information that is more specific do not hesitate to make contact with Medipet.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Dear Pet Lovers,

Please help a worried owner locate her beloved pup Domino. Domino is a one year old female bull terrier, and was stolen from Parow in Cape Town on the 9th of January 2008.

Please contact her owner Cherie directly on 071 368 6859 / 073 271 1488 / 021 911 0616 with any information that you may have. There is also a massive reward on offer.

Puppy Adoption

Puppy adoption is a fun and an exciting experience, you get to meet and play with a number of puppies until just the right one catches your attention. If you already have the sort of dog you are looking for in mind then choosing the right dog for you will make the process a bit simpler – that is of course if you can find your ideal dog when you are actually looking. Finding a puppy of a specific breed may require some good time and you might need to make contact with official breeders. If however your search for a puppy is less breed and more companion specific then just some choice hunting and choosing is all that you will need.

Do remember that once you have find your puppy and decide to take the step into puppy adoption it is now your responsibility to make sure that your new pet is looked after in every way that is needed. So when you are adopting your puppy it is the ideal time to consider insurance packages and to take out reliable pet insurance that will confidently share the responsibility with you in taking proper care of your new dog’s health.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance packages ensure that your pet’s health and medical needs will be taken care of with the most reliable and easiest forms of payment to you. With Medipet your pet will be covered from only R125 per month for dogs and R115 per month for cats. And this cover is comprehensive enough to include coverage for illnesses, veterinary fees, boarding kennel and cattery fees and will even pay out for advertising and rewards if your cat or dog were ever to go missing.

Something to look out for when you are taking out health insurance for your pet is the added incentives and be sure to know beforehand just what your cat or dog will be covered for. Speaking to your cat or dog’s vet is a good way to find out just what you may need from a an insurance package – whether your pet is a young animal or whether they are already a little older a vet will be able to advise you on the necessary precautions and things to look out for regarding your pet’s health and this will help you when it comes to choosing the right insurance for your cat or dog’s health needs as well as the right package for your financial benefit

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Animal Health

Animal health is one of the top priorities to all pet owners. Not only does your pet’s health affect your animal but it also has effect on your entire household and thus your family and their well being too. Taking your cat or dog in to see a vet for their annual check up is of vital importance. This is when the vet can pick up on any illness or possible problems while they are still in their early stages. Picking up on problems or any potential problems ahead of time is far better than sitting with a full blown health problem.

Finding any illnesses or other ailments in your animal’s health earlier rather than later will mean that medical treatment can be started straight away and you can save your cat or dog a lot of discomfort and even pain while saving yourself and your family the pain of seeing our pet very ill or in pain. This also means that by keeping a constantly watchful eye on your cat or dog you will be saving on medical and veterinary bills and will be able to save yourself from the anguish of wishing your had caught anything troubling your pet a lot sooner.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Great pet advice

Vet advice plays an important role in us taking good and proper care of our pets. Whether our beloved animal is a cat or a dog we know that our vets are passionate people who have dedicated their lives and their work to looking after and ensuring the best health and medical responses possible for our animals.

Along with health specific advice many vets are now also advising pet owners to take out pet health insurance as cover for their pets. The pet insurance means that the vet is assured of being paid what is owed to him or her after having taken care of your animals well being and so gives the vet security as well your pet – who will be assured of health cover from a reliable and trustworthy vet, while the insurance also protects you in that your financial situation is not vulnerable to any unexpected accidents, illnesses or other visits to the vet regarding your animal and their health.

Pet insurance offers a situation where all the parties involved in looking after your pet will benefit. It is an all round win-win situation that keeps you secure, your pet healthy and your channel to good vet advice open.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pet Adoption

With the festive season drawing to an end and with us settling back at home and getting into the everyday living regimes again it may be a nice idea to consider adoption of a new pet – a kitten, puppy, cat or dog. As with the end of everyday holiday season there are many unclaimed and lonely animals in animal shelters at this time the year. When you go out looking for our new animal give the local animal rescue centers a visit. And if you, or someone you know, has had a pet go missing during the past few weeks visiting your nearby pet centers or asking around at local vets may help you in finding your lost animal. With your pet insurance cover with Medipet you can also have access to assistance to finding your lost pet with the advertising and reward cover offered to help you find your cat or dog. Medipet offers you annual advertising and reward cover for up to R250 for cats and R1000 for dogs.

So whether you are thinking of adoption, are searching for a missing cat or dog, or are happily sitting at home with your pet it is important to remember that you can prepare ahead for the safety of your pet.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Pet accidents

Pet accidents are the last thing that we as loving pet owners want to have to think about. But there are aspects that if we take the time to plan for that can make our lives and our animal’s lives that much safer and easier to maintain. Pet insurance gives us, as cat or dog owners, an added advantage that allows for timeous preparation for the unexpected and vital necessities of our animal’s health and medical requirements.

Caring for your cat and dog and seeing them healthy and happy is a large part of the joy of having a pet and whether our cats or dogs are in an accident or if they fall ill, it is extremely relieving to know that we do not have to be concerned with vet bills and with having to find the money to pay for all our pet’s medical needs right then and there. With monthly payments that cost as little as R125 per month for dogs and R115 for cats pet accidents can be financially covered and cared for. This leaves us the time to take care of our animals with full attention and focus when they are most in need of it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pet Kennels

Holidays are a time for fun, family and travel. But while you are off exploring the world your pet still needs someone to take of them. Catteries and kennels are often the best way to make sure that your cat or dog is properly taken care of while you are not around to feed and give them attention.

Most catteries and kennels offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, depending on your and your pet’s preferences. So if your cat is used to staying inside they can still have the comforts they are used to and an outdoor option if needed. Also if you have more than one animal they can often be kept together, this helps in them feeling safe and will ease how much they miss you and their usual home surroundings. Sending a blanket or something that will remind them of you or of home will also make their stay away from home a little easier while you enjoy your time away.

If however you are unable to care of your pets for a time due to illness you can have the same assurance that your cat or dog will be cared for by a kennel or cattery, or even a pet sitter which will be covered by your Medipet pet insurance.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pet Health in the New Year

Going into the New Year we all have resolutions or at the very least an idea on improving one or two things about our living for the next year. We generally look at our health as a primary target for improving ourselves. And it is as important to consider our pet and their health needs as we move into the New Year. An easy way to make sure that our health is well taken care of is by eating the right foods, getting enough exercise and by taking good care of ourselves medically too. This also applies to our beloved animals.

We can make sure that they are eating the right foods, in the correct amounts while also taking our dogs for regular walks and making sure that they are getting the exercise that they need. But on top of this we know that there are certain things that we cannot protect our cats and dogs from. This is where the benefit of health insurance comes into play. For those unpredictable accidents, illnesses and visits to the vet it is a huge relief to know that while you are fussing over your pet your vet bills are being taken care of by your pet’s health insurance.