Thursday, January 24, 2008

Labrador Breed Profile

Labrador Breed profile

Looking for a new pet and that extra special addition to the family means that you will take a few things into consideration before you choose your new dog. Along with the practical side of your available home space and the time you can spend with the dog you could also be quite particular about the type or breed of dog that you choose to take home with you. Labrador Retrievers make the ideal dog for home and family life – they are playful as puppies and tend to keep their sprightly exuberance right through into their older age.

Labrador Retriever puppies come in two breeds – the English Labrador, which is heavier and thicker and the American Labrador which is tall and lanky. Labs – as they are more affectionately referred to – also come in a few colour varieties. The best known of which is probably the golden colour, but there are also solid black and chocolate varieties. The Labrador Retrievers are well known for their amazing swimming capabilities, their strong muscular bodies and thick otter-like tails and larger feet all add to their attributes as good swimmers and energetic dogs that enjoy a range of good physical activity.