Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Animal Adoption

Animal adoption is a frequently talked about subject. Not only is it regarded as a noble thing to do at times, but finding your new pet is also a fun and exciting new experience. Choosing where to adopt your animal from is an idea that may need some careful consideration. You could adopt your new cat or dog from a private source or you could find a specific breed from professional breeders. Professional breeders contacts can be found through your vet, through their own websites, or through breed affiliated animal clubs.

If you are not too concerned about the specialized breed of your pet then you could even pay a visit to an animal rescue centre. Animal rescue centers take in animals that are found after having been abandoned by their owners, they take in kittens and puppies that are newly born and unwanted by the owner of the parents and the centers also take in lost or injured animals – so they are also a good place to start looking if your pet has gone missing. In South Africa there are a number of animal centers from the SPCA, TEARS, DARG and a few privately run centers by devoted animal lovers.