Friday, January 4, 2008

Pet accidents

Pet accidents are the last thing that we as loving pet owners want to have to think about. But there are aspects that if we take the time to plan for that can make our lives and our animal’s lives that much safer and easier to maintain. Pet insurance gives us, as cat or dog owners, an added advantage that allows for timeous preparation for the unexpected and vital necessities of our animal’s health and medical requirements.

Caring for your cat and dog and seeing them healthy and happy is a large part of the joy of having a pet and whether our cats or dogs are in an accident or if they fall ill, it is extremely relieving to know that we do not have to be concerned with vet bills and with having to find the money to pay for all our pet’s medical needs right then and there. With monthly payments that cost as little as R125 per month for dogs and R115 for cats pet accidents can be financially covered and cared for. This leaves us the time to take care of our animals with full attention and focus when they are most in need of it.