Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting ready for New Year's Eve with your pet

It's New Year's Eve and that means that you're probably going to be having a big party tonight! Good for you! We here at the MediPetBlog, SA Pet Lovers, all wish you and your pets a very happy New Year's celebration and a 2009 that is filled with success and happiness!

Don't forget about your pets this new year's eve celebration – most pet owners simply lock their furry friends inside before going out to celebrate, but they seldom realise how terrifying it can be when you're very small and there are a lot of big noises out there! Here are some things to think about this new year's eve before you go out on the town:
- Is there anyone nearby, such as an elderly friend or trusted neighbour, who is not going out tonight? Would they be available to give your pets the reassurance they need when firecrackers are being let off outside?
- If your pets are going to stay home alone, why not leave the TV on to soften the noises that are happening outside?
- Give your pets an extra tasty treat to keep them occupied while it gets very noisy outside
- Double check that all of the doors and windows are closed before you leave – you don't want any neighbourhood kids to get into your home while you are out, and you don't want your pets roaming outside unaccompanied.
- And, don't forget to let them know that you're home safe and sound, and that they're still number one!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

MediPet Insurance

If you want to give your pet the gift that really keeps on giving, then give them their very own MediPet pet insurance policy. This might sound like something they won't appreciate, but if something happens in the new year and you don't have any extra money to cover medical bills, well, you can be certain that they're going to need all the love that they can get. MediPet insurance is an affordable product that ensures that your favourite furry family member is always cared for when things go wrong.

MediPet knows pet owners, so they have specially created an insurance package for cats and a separate one for dogs:
Dogs can have special life-long cover from as little as R125-00 per month, and cats get the same attention for only R115-00 per month. You can make sure that your pet is always in good hands for the same cost as two movie tickets or half of what it might cost you for dinner for two at a restaurant.

There's one thing that you need to remember: your pets are your best friends, and consequently they become your responsibility. Give your pet as much love as they give you, and make sure that they'll be taken care of if something had to happen.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Leftovers

If you have heaps of leftovers after Christmas dinner, and you're quite sure that none of them fall into the three groups that we spoke about a few days ago, then why not put them together in a delicious combination and give your dog and cat some tasty treats? You need to be careful about what you put into their food bowls, but here are some good ideas:
- Lamb, beef, gammon, chicken and turkey meat are all delicious treats for your pet. Make sure that you trim the meat of excess fat and gristle, and that you remove all bones. Give this meat in small amounts because you do not want to spoil your dog, only treat them.
- If you have a big leg bone from lamb, for example, then your large dog might enjoy chewing on it because it will probably be extra tasty!
- Avoid giving your pet any 'stuffing' – this usually contains nuts and will be very dangerous.
- Vegetables like carrots, peas and green beans are fine for dogs, and can be added to pellets in small quantities for a bit of a treat.
If you are unsure as to what you can and cannot feed your dog, then why not send us an email and we'll get back to you with the answer? You can also contact your local vet.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas with your pet

Christmas is here and the geese are getting fat! Hooray, it's finally that time of year that means Good Food and Great Friends! Don't forget about your furry friend this holiday season though, your pet might need a little bit of attention as things start to heat up around the home.

Your dog or cat might start to feel a bit unsure about everything if mom and dad are suddenly home all day and they don't want to play all the time – preparing for a big family function is no easy task, but your pets don't understand that there is a big dinner coming soon! Make sure that you reassure your pets with love and attention, and perhaps even a treat or two for good behaviour!

Although it might be tempting to give your dog or cat some of the leftovers from your delicious festive dinners, be sure to think carefully about this first: turkey bones can be quite small and can choke your pet, if not removed correctly first. There are also three food types that are considered to be big NO-Nos for your dog that you need to be careful to avoid:
1. Chocolate
2. Grapes (and derivatives like currents and raisins)
3. Nuts
These food types act as a poison to dogs, and although they all might be quite delicious, they're to be avoided at all costs.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hot summer days and your dog

Well summer is finally here and you know what that means! A lot of lazing around for you and your dog when you have any spare time! Dogs have got fur coats and that means that they're going to be getting really warm this summer time with all of that extra winter wear. Here are a few tips that you can use to help cool your pooch down when it gets really warm outside!
- Always make sure that there is plenty of clean, fresh water available for drinking. Remember, the water will evaporate quickly in this warm summer weather, so put down an extra bowl when you go to work or out for the day.
- Put a sprinkler down on the lawn when you go and play outside. Your dog will soon realise that this fun water feature is not only entertaining, but also a good way to cool down.
- Not all dogs like to swim, but why not take some time out before you go swimming to show your pup that standing on the step of a pool is safe and secure, and that it is nice and cool too? Don’t force your dog; slowly coax them nearer until they are confident that it is okay to be that close to water. Don't rush this integration process because your dog can get frightened very easily. Some owners like to put their dogs on the shallowest step in a swimming pool and then use a handful of cold water to cool off warm tummies!
- Finally, don't forget to take extra water (and a bowl!) with you when you go out to walk your dogs. They will really appreciate the extra cool reward when they're out having a good time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Walking Your Dog

A dog is more than just man's best friend: your friendly pooch is a living, breathing, happy animal who needs all the reciprocal love and attention you can give. Your dog also needs a lot of specific attention to make sure that he stays healthy and happy all year through. Walking your dog is one of the most important things that you can do this summer – make sure that you walk your dog every day, or as often as you can. It is essential that you get a nice, sturdy lead and collar combination that is appropriate for the size of your dog, and that you learn how to use this lead properly. It is required by law that your dog always has a lead on him or her when you go out walking in public areas.

You can choose to use a harness combination which is great for dogs and puppies who are learning how to walk with a lead – it distributes the pressure equally around the harnessed area instead of focusing it on your dog's neck like a collar would.
A plain collar and lead combo is great for well-trained dogs as it gives them a good idea of where they are supposed to be when you hold on tightly to the other end.

There are some places where you can let your dog off of his lead to let them have a jolly good run around and let off some excess steam, but always make sure to have them securely collared up before you leave again! A collar and lead will make sure that you can guide your dog through forests, parks, roads and other public areas without endangering your dog or other motorists and pedestrians.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Finding a vet in Johannesburg

Getting to the right Johannesburg vet for your pet is critically important and finding a Johannesburg vet in good time, whether it be for emergencies or for a check up is vital to the well being of your cat or dog. Whether you live in Johannesburg, have recently moved or if you and your family are on holiday with your pets in Johannesburg then you will need to have or find a good vet that is also in good proximity to wherever you and your pets are staying.
A secure way to find a vet if you are going on holiday or if you have recently moved, is to ask your vet back home if they could recommend a Johannesburg vet. You could also chat to your new neighbours and find out which vet they take their pets to and check out the various Johannesburg vets in the area you are going to be or are staying in.
If you are planning on a holiday in Johannesburg and are taking your pets with you be sure to know ahead of time of needing a vet where you can find one.
Here are a few useful Johannesburg vet contact numbers to help you find a vet where and when you need one:
SPCA: 011 681 3600
Vet to Pet: 011 462 7366
Ivy rd vet: 011 728 9385

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taking care of cat health

Looking after a pet is not only a fun experience but it also comes with a few serious responsibilities. A few of these responsibilities include making sure that your animal is happy and healthy. Taking care of these responsibilities however can add to your relationship with your pet and can be fun and rewarding rather than a hassle or troublesome. Cat health is one of the most important factors to your cat’s life and by ensuring that your pet’s cat health is in order you can simultaneously ensure their happiness and over all value of life.

Cat health begins with the simple things – making sure that your cat is properly fed, and that they are eating the right foods in the right amounts. Speaking to your animal’s vet with regards to the best food to ensure cat health can be the best way to go about choosing what to feed your cat. Another key factor to good cat health is to make sure that your cat is kept free of fleas, ticks and is in a generally good physical condition. This means an occasional bath if needed, playful exercise and yearly check up visits to the vet – who will notice any changes in your cat’s health that may need some attention.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cat food for your new little kitten

Cat food can be a little complicated if your cat is a particularly fussy. That is why it is rather important to start your kitten off on eth right cat foods when you first start to feed your kitten whole and shop bought foods. Kittens will start off their dietary life on milk and they will slowly start eating cat foods as they wean off of their mother. By the time that you get your kitten they should be around the age of 6 to 8 weeks old and you should be able to start feeding them on kitten appropriate cat food.

Many well known cat food brands make specially formulated kitten cat food that contains the extra and necessary nutrients that your kitten requires for a good and healthy start to life. These cat foods have extra calcium and other minerals to ensure that your kitten gets all that they need from their cat food for strong and healthy bones and for a good immune system that acts as a base for their health for the rest of their lives.

Finding the right cat food for your kitten is essential and an occasional treat here and there does wonders for their playfulness too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking care of animal health in the heat of summer

Summer is well and truly upon us and two important things that we can learn really early on in summer is to keep cool and to keep extremely well hydrated! That means drinking lots and lots of water to keep our bodies well replenished and able to tolerate the heat. Animal health is also dependent on water and coolness, to get your pets though summer with good animal health you need to make sure that they can escape the blaring heat and that they have a constant source of fresh water available to them.
If your pet spends most of its time indoors you need to make sure that the room that they are in is well ventilated so that they can keep cool. If they are spending their summer days outdoors then make sure that your pet is able to retreat to a shady area. Animal health in summer requires most importantly that your pet is well hydrated and so the best way to keep your pet’s animal health in check is to make absolutely certain that they do have access to clean, fresh and cool water right through the day and even through the night.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding a vet in Durban

Finding the right Durban vet for your pet is a very important choice and finding a Durban vet in good time, whether it be for emergencies or for specialist medical treatment is crucial to the well being of your pet. Whether you live in Durban, have recently moved or if you and your family are on holiday with your pets in Durban then you will need to have or find a reliable vet that is in reasonably good proximity to wherever you and your pets are staying.

A trustworthy way to find a vet if you are going on holiday or if you have recently moved, is to ask your vet back home if they could recommend a Durban vet. You could also chat to your new neighbours and find out where they take their pets and scope out the various Durban vets in the area you are living in.

If you are planning on a holiday in Durban and are taking your pets with you then your best option would be to know ahead of time of needing a vet where you can find one. Here are a few useful Durban vet contact numbers to help you find a vet where and when you need one:

SPCA: 031 579 6500
Durban North Veterinary Clinic. 031 564 2338
Glenashley Veterinary Clinic. 031 562 8406

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Providing the basics for good dog health

Looking after your dog and their health does not have to take up a lot of time or effort, it can in fact be great fun for both you and your adorable pooch! Good dog health is pretty basic and once you have a few of the basic principles in place you can have a ton of fun keeping your dog well exercised in a very healthy condition.

The first places to start when looking into creating a good base for your dog’s health is their food, their living spaces and their daily exercise. Dog health is extremely well catered for in a wide range of specially formulated dog foods. Many of these dig foods come with vet approval and you are sure to find a range and dog food flavour that suits your dog health needs as well as your dog’s taste buds.

As far as exercise goes you can score a double whammy with keeping your dog fit and healthy because a good walk to the park or the beach will also keep your in good shape! And the quality time spent with your dog will also contribute greatly their happiness which in turn only benefits their overall state of good dog health!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finding a vet in Cape Town

Finding the right Cape Town vet for your cat or dog is a vital choice and finding a Cape Town vet in good time, whether it be for specialist treatment or in emergencies is crucial to the well being of your pet. Whether you live in Cape Town, have recently moved or if you and your family are on holiday with your pets in Cape Town then you will need to have or find a reliable vet that is in reasonably good proximity to wherever you and your pets are staying.

A good way to find a vet if you are going on holiday or if you have recently moved, is to ask your vet back home if they could recommend a Cape Town vet for your. This way you have a sound recommendation. Otherwise you can chat to your new neighbours about where they take their pets and scope out the various Cape Town vets in the area you are living in.

If you are just on holiday in Cape Town and have your pet’s with you then your best option would be to know ahead of time of needing a vet where you can find one. Here are a few useful Cape Town vet contact numbers to help you find a vet where and when you need one:
SPCA: 021 700 4141
Vet-Clin Table View: 021 557 8876
Tygerberg Animal Hospital: 021 9191191
City Vet Sea Point: 021 434 1596

Monday, December 8, 2008

Finding animal help where and when you need it

Animal help is something that you can suddenly need and the type of needs can be quite unexpected. Animal help may range from you needing a vet, a pet sitter, a pet food stockist that is open till late, or animal help may even be needed in a more simple form of just being able to talk to fellow pet owners about certain animal habits and other pet related things.

When it comes to medical animal help your best bet is to first and foremost be covered with the ultimate type of animal help that you can find in Medipet’s pet health insurance cover. As a great way to ensure that your pet will always have access to medical help that you can afford, Medipet assures you that they will step in with reliable and effective animal help when you and your pet are most in need of it.

With your pet’s health needs assuredly covered you can then sit back and give consideration to the other areas where animal help may be needed. Do so by finding a store near to your home that stocks the right pet food for your dog or cat, talk to fellow animal lovers and if you specific animal help queries feel free to send them through to us for quick and helpful responses!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Breed profile: the elegant Afghan

The Afghan Hound, as its name implies, is a dog breed that originates from ancient Sinai and exists in cave paintings in Afghanistan dating back 4000 years. The Afghan dog breed comes in two different types: the short haired variety and the more popular long haired variety. The Afghan Hound is beautiful and visually arresting but the looks and long fur take work to maintain, but once you find the winning way of correctly grooming this gorgeous dog it will pay off greatly.

The Afghan breed’s temperament matches up to its regal looks. This dog is aloof, dignified and one of its great breed characteristics is that it does socialize very well. Thus the Afghan Hound makes a very good family pet. An Afghan does need a fair amount of exercise due to its size and build. The long legs that help give the Afghan its regal appearance ideally need about half an hour of good exercise a day.
Afghan Hounds grow to about 70cm in height and way around 30kg as adults. Afghans are a healthy breed without any known risks and can live to the age of 14 years. Making them an ideal and beautiful dog to own.

Litter box cleaning tips

If you have a pet that spends all or most of its time indoors chances are you also have a litter box – which, unfortunately spends all of its time indoors. However, having a litter box is not the end of the world, after all it is there to make your life easier and not any harder. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to make the up keep of your pet’s litter box much easier to do.
One obvious way is to regularly clean it out and to keep it clean. When you do completely clean out the cat litter from the litter box it is a good idea to clean out the box afterwards with warm water and bleach. The bleach will help to clean out any bacteria in the bottom of the litter box and it will also get rid of any smells.
You can also use litter box liners to protect the bottom of the litter box, the liners also make for easier cleaning and removal of the cat litter. If you do not use liners you could try newspaper but this could prove to be messy as your cat might get carried away with scratching.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Benefits of Medipet Insurance

Insurance cover is one thing but insurance cover that protects you where and when you most need it is the best kind of assurance of health and safety that you could ever wish for! And with Medipet insurance cover for your animals you, your family and your pets can enjoy the upcoming holiday season free of any worry!
Medipet insurance covers costs of veterinary bills and will cover your pet’s medical needs and costs wherever you are in South Africa. That means that with reliable and always-there pet health cover with Medipet insurance you can feel absolutely free to travel right across our beautiful country with peace of mind and assurance that should your pet need any sort of medical treatment form a vet you will be covered.
Medipet insurance costs only R115 per month for your cute little cat and R125 per month for your gorgeous dog so it is easy to afford and well worth every penny! And with countrywide pet health cover Medipet insurance is the best way to make your holidays with your pets as fun and as relaxing as is possible!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting to know your new little kitten

Your home and you are all new to the cute little kitten that has just recently entered the world. Some things need to be taken slowly and your kitten will likely set his or her own pace as to how much to explore in their new worlds and their new homes.
At the age of around 6 weeks old kittens are ready to leave their mother. Having been around their mother for the first 6 weeks of their lives kittens have developed both physically and socially to the point that the kittens are able to leave her and cope in a new environment. Kittens adapt quickly to change so long as they have lots of love and attention.
It is very important to spend quality time with your kittens when you first bring them home, show them around and get them feeling comfortable in their new home. The initial few weeks are also vital to you and your kitten making that very special bond that will act as a base for the rest of your lives together.
Kittens need to be able to explore and learn and it is best if you are there with them making sure they are safe and letting them learn with you around will add immense value to the start of your shared bond.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kennels: Your pet’s home away from home

It is once again that time of the year – the sun is shining, the weather is great and you are probably deciding on how exactly to best spend your holiday! One unfortunate side to the great idea of going away from home is that you may have to leave behind your best friends – your pets. When you are leaving home for a lengthy period of time the best option to ensure that your dogs and cats are properly looked after is to book them into kennels while you are away.

Finding kennels near to home your may be the better option but do some research about kennels in the area before you make a final decision. Many kennels offer much the same services but there are some services that certain kennels may or may not have. For example if your pet is used to sleeping indoors you may need to find kennels that offers indoor or at least well protected shelter for your pet to stay in. also find out about playtime and the amount of attention given to the animals and find out about whether or not the kennels offer a dog walking service so that your pooch can still get their exercise.

If you are going somewhere nearby for your holiday or if you are fortunate enough to be able to take your dogs and cats with you on your trip then that is the ideal option otherwise finding good and reliable kennels can make your holiday much more enjoyable with the peace of mind that your pets are being well looked after.