Friday, December 19, 2008

Finding a vet in Johannesburg

Getting to the right Johannesburg vet for your pet is critically important and finding a Johannesburg vet in good time, whether it be for emergencies or for a check up is vital to the well being of your cat or dog. Whether you live in Johannesburg, have recently moved or if you and your family are on holiday with your pets in Johannesburg then you will need to have or find a good vet that is also in good proximity to wherever you and your pets are staying.
A secure way to find a vet if you are going on holiday or if you have recently moved, is to ask your vet back home if they could recommend a Johannesburg vet. You could also chat to your new neighbours and find out which vet they take their pets to and check out the various Johannesburg vets in the area you are going to be or are staying in.
If you are planning on a holiday in Johannesburg and are taking your pets with you be sure to know ahead of time of needing a vet where you can find one.
Here are a few useful Johannesburg vet contact numbers to help you find a vet where and when you need one:
SPCA: 011 681 3600
Vet to Pet: 011 462 7366
Ivy rd vet: 011 728 9385