Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Benefits of Medipet Insurance

Insurance cover is one thing but insurance cover that protects you where and when you most need it is the best kind of assurance of health and safety that you could ever wish for! And with Medipet insurance cover for your animals you, your family and your pets can enjoy the upcoming holiday season free of any worry!
Medipet insurance covers costs of veterinary bills and will cover your pet’s medical needs and costs wherever you are in South Africa. That means that with reliable and always-there pet health cover with Medipet insurance you can feel absolutely free to travel right across our beautiful country with peace of mind and assurance that should your pet need any sort of medical treatment form a vet you will be covered.
Medipet insurance costs only R115 per month for your cute little cat and R125 per month for your gorgeous dog so it is easy to afford and well worth every penny! And with countrywide pet health cover Medipet insurance is the best way to make your holidays with your pets as fun and as relaxing as is possible!