Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking care of animal health in the heat of summer

Summer is well and truly upon us and two important things that we can learn really early on in summer is to keep cool and to keep extremely well hydrated! That means drinking lots and lots of water to keep our bodies well replenished and able to tolerate the heat. Animal health is also dependent on water and coolness, to get your pets though summer with good animal health you need to make sure that they can escape the blaring heat and that they have a constant source of fresh water available to them.
If your pet spends most of its time indoors you need to make sure that the room that they are in is well ventilated so that they can keep cool. If they are spending their summer days outdoors then make sure that your pet is able to retreat to a shady area. Animal health in summer requires most importantly that your pet is well hydrated and so the best way to keep your pet’s animal health in check is to make absolutely certain that they do have access to clean, fresh and cool water right through the day and even through the night.