Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas with your pet

Christmas is here and the geese are getting fat! Hooray, it's finally that time of year that means Good Food and Great Friends! Don't forget about your furry friend this holiday season though, your pet might need a little bit of attention as things start to heat up around the home.

Your dog or cat might start to feel a bit unsure about everything if mom and dad are suddenly home all day and they don't want to play all the time – preparing for a big family function is no easy task, but your pets don't understand that there is a big dinner coming soon! Make sure that you reassure your pets with love and attention, and perhaps even a treat or two for good behaviour!

Although it might be tempting to give your dog or cat some of the leftovers from your delicious festive dinners, be sure to think carefully about this first: turkey bones can be quite small and can choke your pet, if not removed correctly first. There are also three food types that are considered to be big NO-Nos for your dog that you need to be careful to avoid:
1. Chocolate
2. Grapes (and derivatives like currents and raisins)
3. Nuts
These food types act as a poison to dogs, and although they all might be quite delicious, they're to be avoided at all costs.