Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hot summer days and your dog

Well summer is finally here and you know what that means! A lot of lazing around for you and your dog when you have any spare time! Dogs have got fur coats and that means that they're going to be getting really warm this summer time with all of that extra winter wear. Here are a few tips that you can use to help cool your pooch down when it gets really warm outside!
- Always make sure that there is plenty of clean, fresh water available for drinking. Remember, the water will evaporate quickly in this warm summer weather, so put down an extra bowl when you go to work or out for the day.
- Put a sprinkler down on the lawn when you go and play outside. Your dog will soon realise that this fun water feature is not only entertaining, but also a good way to cool down.
- Not all dogs like to swim, but why not take some time out before you go swimming to show your pup that standing on the step of a pool is safe and secure, and that it is nice and cool too? Don’t force your dog; slowly coax them nearer until they are confident that it is okay to be that close to water. Don't rush this integration process because your dog can get frightened very easily. Some owners like to put their dogs on the shallowest step in a swimming pool and then use a handful of cold water to cool off warm tummies!
- Finally, don't forget to take extra water (and a bowl!) with you when you go out to walk your dogs. They will really appreciate the extra cool reward when they're out having a good time.