Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kittens: the Rex Breed profile

Rex Breed profile

Known to be very affectionate cats the Rexes are typically also known to show certain dog-like qualities in their affection towards their owners, they will follow you around and even go after to retrieve toys. Distinctively elegant their strongest features are their long and elegant looking paws and toes which also serves to help make them the extremely playful and agile cats that they are. Along with their agility they are very active and playful cats from their young days as kittens right into their older ages.

Within the Rex breed of cats there are also more specific cat types – some of these are the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex and the Selkirk Rex. All of which share the trait of short and luxurious fur. Their fur is short, soft and curly and their fragile and soft exterior belies there muscular build and innate strength. The fur is extraordinarily soft and luxurious to the touch, and touching the fur of Rex has even been described as feeling like touching crushed velvet. From early on in life as kittens the Rex is a cat that seeks out constant companionship and playmates. As an owner you will get hours of affection and playtime from a loyal and loving breed.