Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pet Kennels

Holidays are a time for fun, family and travel. But while you are off exploring the world your pet still needs someone to take of them. Catteries and kennels are often the best way to make sure that your cat or dog is properly taken care of while you are not around to feed and give them attention.

Most catteries and kennels offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, depending on your and your pet’s preferences. So if your cat is used to staying inside they can still have the comforts they are used to and an outdoor option if needed. Also if you have more than one animal they can often be kept together, this helps in them feeling safe and will ease how much they miss you and their usual home surroundings. Sending a blanket or something that will remind them of you or of home will also make their stay away from home a little easier while you enjoy your time away.

If however you are unable to care of your pets for a time due to illness you can have the same assurance that your cat or dog will be cared for by a kennel or cattery, or even a pet sitter which will be covered by your Medipet pet insurance.