Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breed Spotlight: Transylvanian Hound

There are certain dog breeds that we love and cherish because they hold their own very unique and very special qualities. One dog breed that is revered and regarded as one of the most beautiful dog breeds is the Transylvanian Hound. Regarded as easily trainable this beautiful and lesser known dog breed is great for home and professional dog training.
Originating from Hungary the dog training that the earlier Transylvanian Hound’s underwent was to properly prepare them for hunting and retrieving.

With two varieties: the short-legged and the long-legged, each variant went through specific dog training to make them most effective in their hunting specialties. The shorter-legged dog was trained for hunting hares and smaller animals while the longer-legged dog went through dog training that prepared them to hunt slightly larger animals.

Although not used for hunting today these beautiful Transylvanian Hounds still maintain their ancestral good dog training and training abilities.
Hence they are known to be extremely good natured as well as obedient and they take very quickly to any good dog training.

The sad thing about these gorgeous Transylvanian Hounds is that they are hardly found outside of Hungary and are dwindling in numbers. So if you are looking for a great family dog that is great in dog training, why not take a serious look at the Transylvanian Hound?