Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stealing dogs for fighting - what to do to prevent this

It is a scary fact that most dogs and puppies that go missing are being used for dog fighting. You need to take extra precautions in your home and garden, and especially when you are walking your dog, so that you protect your pup from harm.

- always keep your dog inside a locked and secure area at night time and during the day. You might consider electric fencing or spiked protected walls to prevent intrusions. Do not let your dog roam around in an accessible garden or in the streets.
- ensure that your dog undergoes training so that it will respond to your commands if in a perilous situation. You need to know that your dog will be able to run away or defend itself from a thief if you are both attacked.
- always carry a cellphone with you when you go walking, and ensure that it has a fully charged battery.
- you might consider investing in a pepper gun, stun gun or streaming pepper spray unit for walking so that you can defend yourself if someone tries to steal your best friend. Always make sure that you know how to use your means of defence so that you are equipped to deal with any situation. Never threaten or attack a thief who has a weapon aimed at you.
- Give your dog a special spot in your kitchen or living room so that he can sleep inside.
- Always walk your dog on a leash so that you are together, and start walking in groups of at least two individuals to prevent spontaneous attacks. 'Strength and intimidation in numbers'!
- last of all, be vigilant. Crime can be prevented or avoided if you are aware of it.
Remember, if you see someone suspicious in your neighbourhood you should report it to the police immediately. Never stand up to an intruder if they threaten you. Also, pet insurance will be incredibly helpful if your pet is injured during a struggle and needs medical attention.