Monday, July 21, 2008

Breed Spotlight: Chinese Crested Dog

It may at first glimpse appear to be more of a pet accident than an actual specially bred lovable dog breed, but the Chinese Crested Dog is certainly no pet accident! First bred in China the early Chinese Crested Dogs were used to on ships to chase down and kill rats. Defiantly not pet accidents these dogs were given a specific purpose and with their small bodies and fast little legs the Chinese Crested Dogs were able to maneuver and scurry around the ships with considerable finding rats that were very unwelcome stowaways on the Chinese ships.

Looking a little unusual and looking strikingly like an animal breed pet accident these very cute little Chinese Crested Dogs come in two slightly differing types: the Hairless version and the Powder Puff type.
Interestingly the perception of an odd sort of pet accident perpetuates through the two differing types as they can both appear in the same littler of puppies! Classified as a Toy breed the Chinese Crested Dog is an adorable and small dog that reaches 4.5 kilograms in weight and up 30 centimeters in height.This is one dog that is sure to attract attention wherever it goes with its vibrancy and adorable crest and furry paws.