Monday, July 14, 2008

An interesting Olympics thought

We all know the stories that float around about how animal dog meat is considered a great delicacy in Chinese and Korean restaurants. Some of us may think “oh great - that would be interesting to try.” However, for those of us who prefer to see our beloved little domestic animal running around playfully in our back yard, we can quite happily pass up the chance to even think about eating a dog. Most western culture does not believe that animal dog meat has healing or other medicinal qualities so we leave it out of the kitchen and off of the menu so when we encounter cultures that do eat this animal meat we can feel a little shocked at the thought.

For this reason Chinese authorities have decided to ban animal dog meat from restaurants for the duration of the 2008 Olympic Games. Due to the influx of foreigners to China for next month’s Games and in September for the Paralympics the popular animal dog meat dish options have been removed from menu’s and restaurants to make eating out more tolerable for those less comfortable with the idea of eating this more unusual form of an animal meat dish.