Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kitten essentials

Playful little kittens are loving bundles of joy but they can also be, and usually are, heaps of mischief too! When you have to go out to work and have to leave your new little kitten at home I'm sure you will need ways to settle your mind and be sure that your kitten is safe in your home and surroundings. To minimize risk until your feel confident that your kittens are used to their new home and that your home is sufficiently kitten safe you can limit your kittens to a certain space. Make sure that this space, whether it be the garden, the house or a room in your house, is big enough for the kitten to run around in and be comfortable in.

Also be sure to leave your kittens with all the necessities. If your kitten is outside then a litter box will not be necessary but if they are staying inside then you will need to leave out a litter box that is accessible and easy enough for your kitten to climb in and out of. It is best that you also show your kitten the litter box a few times to get them accustomed to the idea of using it. Very importantly, if your kittens are staying in or out they will need access to food and to clean, fresh water.