Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Litter Box Know-How

When it comes to your cat’s litter box the changing and cleaning can be an annoyance but we ultimately know that keeping the litter box clean helps us and our kitties to keep our homes clean. An important fact to remember when you are trying to train your cat to use a litter box is that the box is not the natural instinctive place for your cat to conduct their ablutions.

Cats will naturally be outside and would be using real sand. With this in mind it is necessary to find a cat litter that your cat most prefers to use. So if your kitty does get into the litter box but seems hesitant to scratch in it, and to use it, then try swapping the litter for a different type.

Either switch your litter around with a finer litter gravel or try silicone or crystal cat litter in their litter box. Also make sure that you have positioned the litter box in a quiet and out of the way place – cats need to fell safe and have an element of privacy to feel comfortable to use their litter box. Remember that cats are particular about their cleanliness so they will often only use a litter box that is not too dirty, so be sure to regularly change the cat litter.