Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poll Results: pet sterilisation

Should pet sterilization be government funded?
Yes – 33%
No – 44%
It’s complicated- 22%

This has been a hot topic of debate in the pet world of late – should the government be helping to pay for pet sterilization? Well, the question is, is it the government’s problem? You will remember a few weeks back that we chatted about the new barking dog bylaw (if you did not read that particular entry then you can look for the keywords “barking dog bylaw” down the left hand side of the menu) and the resultant observation was that there are just too many animals living in one place causing a lot of rowdy noise. The solution, apparently, is to clamp down on the law that states that an ordinary residential property may only have two dogs residing thereon. The real problem seems to be that there is a breeding frenzy that is sweeping across the nation, and there are a lot of little puppies and kittens being left out alone, or put down, because the pet owner either has no space for these new additions, or does not have the money to support them. Cat or dog sterilization can cost you anything up to R600 at a private veterinarian. The SPCA has a program whereby the amount you pay is calculated on the amount of money that you earn – if you can afford it, then you can pay for it, if not, then you pay a reduced rate. The total amount is still slightly more affordable than private pet sterilization.

If you do not have your dog or cat sterilized then there are a lot of consequences you have to face: pregnancy, marking of territory, possible cancer (in extreme cases) and more. On the other hand, your pet will never be able to breed once his or her reproductive organs are removed. The procedure itself, I am told, is relatively painless and offers more benefits overall. The poll results clearly indicate South Africa’s divided stance on the matter – with only 22% voting for the option ‘it’s complicated’ you can be sure that there are a lot of people out there who have firm opinions. The only reason why some people may want pet sterilization to be government funded is due to the costly nature of the treatment, but there are facilities in place, such as the SPCA and their treatment scheme, which aid in this respect. Please email us your comments and opinions, or post them directly on this site through the comment option at the end of the post.