Friday, October 19, 2007

Pet food

Do you give much thought as to what your animal eats? Cats and dogs require certain nutritional elements to their diet that they may not get from leftovers and table scraps. Feeding your pet real ‘pet food’ is essential to ensuring that your pet is receiving a well balanced diet.

Commercially produced pet food has been around since the 1860s. Starting out with dog biscuits, the cat and dog food industry has expanded to include many forms food to keep your pet healthy and well fed. Today we have a large choice of a variety of soft, dry and semi-moist foods to cater to our pet’s nutritional needs. From canned foods to pellets and even pet treats there’s no reason not to feed your pet the best.

Also available are specialised ranges of pet foods. Most brands of dog and cat foods produce ranges designed for age groups from kitten or puppy to adult and senior foods. These foods ensure that as your pet grows and their nutritional needs change, they still receive the best that can from their diet.

In addition to all this there are even more health specific orientated foods that are available from, and through the advice of most vets. These foods are for pets with specific health requirements. Specially formulated to adhere to your cat or dogs health needs, pet food brands such as Hill’s and other vet approved brands can ensure a better diet for whatever your pet’s specific nutritional may be.