Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pet Assistance with MediPet

Pet assistance is just an application away. Medipet is a pet health insurance company geared to making your life easier and your pet’s health needs far more manageable. This means that Medipet offers you, the pet owner, affordable and reliable health insurance coverage that will take care of your pet in their times of need. When your cat or dog is ill or injured they need you and your love and support. You should be able to be there for them and not be worried about the vet bills and medical costs. And with Medipet’s all round cover you can be released from the pressure of unexpected and potentially costly visits to the vet.

Medipet offers your cat or dog cover for accidental injury, illness as well as cover for certain operations, such as hip replacements and tumour removals. The pet insurance packages are offered for both cats and dogs and you can cover your pet from the early age of 8 weeks. The value of pet assistance is something that lasts for the lifetime of your pet and gives you the freedom to enjoy the time spent with your cat or dog without the worry of their medical and health costs.