Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hills Pet Slimmer Programme

According to a recent Hills pamphlet, about half the animals that South African vets treat are overweight, or weigh more than is healthy. This weighty problem connects very much with another blog entry we recently talked about. Monster; an adult male cat who weighs approximately 9/10 kg, who shares his food with 4 other feline friends and does very little exercise. There are a many pet health repercussions to this problem such as arthritis, joint problems, heart disease, breathing problems, slipped discs and many other risks.
There are many different prescription diets that Hills offer that are specially formulated for weight loss.
Achieving and maintaining a good weight increases your pets’ life expectancy and his/ her quality of life. In many respects we can deduce that looking after your pets diet, is just as important as looking after your own.