Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dog Dental Health

Dental health is very important for the general health of the dog. The health of the dog depends very much on what it eats. The eating nutritious food is possible only when the dog dental health is at its peak.

Plaques are the one that gets formed in the teeth between the brushings. Plaque is nothing but the mixture of saliva, food particles and bacteria. The plaque will be very soft at the beginning and it slowly gets hardened. The color too changes to brown when it has hardened. The hardened plaque is called tartar. As more and more plaques are formed, they spread to the gum, thus carrying the infection to gum.

Tooth brushing is the easy and simply the best in removing the plaque and also in preventing the formation of the plaque. The dog’s teeth must be brushed regularly. There are special tooth brushes available for the dogs. The veterinarian will guide you how to brush the dog. In case brushing the dog’s teeth is not possible, then you can think of using the chews that rubs the sides of the dog’s teeth.