Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unusual Pets: the potbellied pig

On the subject of unusual pets, a popular choice is the potbellied pig. Potbellied pigs are very easily trained, are alert, and high affectionate. They’re considered smarter than some of the smartest dogs. They house-train very quickly are in general clean and odour-free. They don’t bark, they don’t chew and they shed very little. And although their eyesight is not very good, they have a very keen sense of smell. Potbellied pigs can live anywhere from twelve to thirty years. They are, however, not maintenance-free. Their high intelligence level often means that they can work out what’s in the refrigerator, and how to open certain draws, so a certain amount of training is essential. Unfortunately, thousands of these pigs ended up shelters because, although they were trendy at one time, the fad passed and people said they preferred the pig when it was still young and not as an adult.