Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unusual Pets: the piranha

One of the most infamous choices for an unusual pet is surely the piranha. Piranahas can reach about eight to ten inches. They have a silvery and gold colour, a red throat, and their mouth has teeth like razors which are specifically designed for tearing flesh. Piranhas are very aggressive fish. What enhances their aggression is that they live in schools, leading to a kind of feeding frenzy - so much so that their prey can be devoured in a matter of seconds. Piranhas will only eat meat, and they prefer live prey. For those that keep them as pets, Piranhas will often accept certain types of goldfish, earthworms and beef heart. The most important thing for piranha owners to remember is to not feed these fish by hand: they can easily bite you and leave a serious and sore wound.