Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Hygienic!

Keeping your house clean with animals can be a daunting job but we have to maintain a hygienic environment at home for our health, and this is amplified by the inclusion of animals as a dirty house can lead to a number of illnesses for both parties.
Here are a few handy tips when dealing with a few pesky problems.
• When dealing with pet hair, its always good to vacuum as often as possible, spray furniture with a mixture of fabric softener and water or sprinkle your furniture with a bit of baking soda, to make the hair come off easier.
• Use ammonia free detergents as they will not encourage pets to spray and mark their territory.
• Potty train your pet at a young age.
• Groom your pet regularly and make sure that they are tick, flea and worm free,
• There are numerous odour removers and stain removers on the market that are specifically designed to get rid of pet related problems.