Monday, April 20, 2009

Time to leave the nest!

Would cats choose to keep their offspring with them, or does independence = the boot?
This question would plague many a cat owner if they had to truly think about it. We often have to sell or give kittens away. And this should bring this question to mind. Our initial instinct, as human beings is to deny the possibility that animals need to keep their children close, like us, so we believe that like a wild animal, they will kick the kids from the nest. Is this just a comfortable belief though? There have been many cases of cats that get to keep their kittens and the mother and child is just as close as any other human relationship you can think of, to the point that they still sleep together after 12 years. Now, with cases such as that, we have to reconsider the emotional trauma we inflict on our pets when we forcibly remove their babies.