Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummy… Dairy!

Why do cats have such a liking for milk? What is it that makes them smell the dairy wherever your are, and rush to get a small lick?
Could it be that the smell of milk so reminds them of their days as kittens that the security and comfort the smell brings is irresistible to a animal renowned for it aloofness and independence. When one amused reader commented on the fact that each morning, when she has her breakfast, cereal with milk or yogurt, her 14 year old cat hastens, from the front garden, or wherever it is she was sleeping, to sit at the foot of her bed and beg ceaselessly for the leftover milk in the cereal bowl.

Watch this space for some hard facts pertaining to cats and their milk fetish - it is not as healthy as you might think!