Monday, April 27, 2009

How do animals tell time?

Instinct is such a foreign concept for us because we had suppressed our basic inclinations a long time ago for a lack of need. Thus we wonder at the miraculous ability that our pets have to tell time. They often remind us when its dinner time, breakfast and lunch. On weekends they let us sleep in as they know we will resist all efforts to be awoken. Our animals are amazing creatures; they have an innate ability to sense time and the passing of it. We rely on our watches, electrical equipment that determines our lives and our every moment and movement. We have become so dependant that we no longer trust in our own instinct and innate abilities.
Next time you glance at your watch, your alarm go’s off or your cat reminds you that its feeding time, take a note out of their lives and turn off those controlling machines, and just feel life and the passing of time.