Friday, May 16, 2008

Being aware of pet health and abuse

Pet health and animal safety are issues of great concern for all animal lovers and pet owners. And some the reasons for concern are mush more serious and life threatening than we may at first assume. For people who are caught up in abusive relationships it generally takes them up to seven years to leave the abusive partner, but there are reasons beyond the psychological for a person to stay as long as they do. Many people will take concern in leaving unless they have a safe place to go to and have a safe place for their pets to go to where their animal’s pet health can be guaranteed.

Many animals that get caught in or between abusive relationships bare the brunt of the abuse as they are used as bargaining tools and are threatened with their pet health and with their lives. Animals are often threatened, injured or killed as a means for the perpetrator to frighten or intimidate children or partners. In these cases the animal’s pet health and overall safety needs to be taken into consideration and the best option is for the partner to get him, or herself, and the pet out of the abusive environment and to place of safety.