Friday, May 23, 2008

Watching your dog's health

Your dog’s nutrition is of vital importance the happiness and duration of his or her life. By giving your dog all that he or she needs you can ensure that your pet will not only be in great physical dog health but that they will also be in great overall physical and mental condition.
Good dog health is about so much more than just what your dog eats, their health relates to how they are treated by you and how well they are doing in their environments. Just as with humans, when dogs are mistreated, are neglected or feel cramped and uncomfortable in their spaces they do not live as good, and as a healthy a life, as they could, or should.

To improve on, or to maintain your dog’s health, the best things to do are to be sure that you are giving your pet enough attention, that they are eating the right foods – in the right amounts – and that they are happy in the home that they live in. As a part of your life, ensuring your dog is happy and healthy means that you too can be a happier, healthier and well rounded person, that gives the same unconditional love to your pet as your pet gives to you.