Monday, May 12, 2008

Choosing Puppies

When we walk through the streets of suburban areas we generally see the same types of dogs and puppies, from beautiful golden Labradors to German Shepherds, sausage dogs, and a whole lot of other gorgeous animals that make popular pets. But there are also the occasional and very intriguing less popular dog breeds that we will at times come across and there are even those that are so rare that we will never actually see them in person but that are very intriguing and interesting to hear about. Some of these less usual dogs include the beautiful and regal Weimaraner, the Pharaoh Hound, the Spanish Water Dog,

Weimaraner’s and full grown dogs and as puppies are sleek, elegant dogs that are bred either with short or long hair, while the Pharaoh Hound is completely distinctive from any other dog breed with its long pointed ears and perfectly almond shaped eyes. If sleek smooth furred dogs and puppies are not quite your thing then the Spanish Water dog is your ideal – with its furry, soft and extremely cute puppy dog eyes tucked in a head of really curly fur! Unusual dog breed’s are an absolute pleasure to own, so when choosing your own new dog or puppies remember to scout around a bit first!