Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cat food concerns

Organic foods and healthy living is at the front of so many issues at the moment and with our pets as affected by the foods they eat as we are by the foods we eat maybe we should be looking around to see what healthier foods are available to us for our cats and dogs. Dog and cat food has for while a while been standardized into tins and pellets. But that is definitely not all that is out there for them to feast on.

There are more and more studies going into the affects of over processed and unnatural foods and as responsible dog and cat owners it is our duty to make sure that we are aware of what we feed out animals. With new products continually entering the dog and cat food market all we can do is be sure to check labels, talk to our fellow pet owners and consult our animal’s vets about the new and better foods to be feeding our pets.

Whether your pet is healthy or dealing with a medical concern a large part of their mental and physical well being relies on the food that they eat, so be sure to find out what is in your animal’s dog or cat food and check with a vet which food is best for your pet to be eating as a regular part of their diet.