Monday, May 19, 2008

Choosing your vet

Tips for choosing your pet’s vet

In a time of true need and when your pet most requires fast and good medical attention the last thing you want to be is uncertain of where to go or who to go to. By picking a good vet before a moment of crisis you can be assured of fast and assistance because you will know where to go to, and you can be out at a bit of ease knowing that your dog or cat is the best hands that you could find. If you are looking around for a Johannesburg vet, or for a vet in your part of the country, there are certain measures to take to be sure that you are choosing the right doctor for your pet.

You can start out by asking neighbours and friends in your area where they take their pets or browse telephone directories. By finding a vet close to your home you can get your pet to medical care a lot faster than if your vet was further away. Next you can give a few of the vet clinics a visit, just to see what they are like and to meet a few vets to see which clinics and which vet you feel most comfortable entrusting with your pet’s health.
By scouting around a bit and by asking relevant questions you can feel at peace with your choice in a doctor for your pet by knowing that they have the best Cape Town, Durban, or Johannesburg vet that you could find.