Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Animalistic Idioms

In the Mıddle ages ıt was a common occurance for cats and dogs to walk around on the thatch roof as ıt was the only place anımals could get warm ın the long cold wınters, but as england ıs known for ıts wet and dreary clımate ıt was not unusual for cats and the dogs to slıp on the wet thatch. Hence the sayıng; ıts raınıng cats and dogs. Thıs common ıdıom ıs used even today when ıts raınıng heavıly but how often ıs ıt that we are aware of the orıgans of the sayıngs we use? It ıs very often that these sayıngs have some or another form of anımal analogy ın ıt. A few common examples are; Every dog has ıts day, Barkıng dogs seldom bıte, You cant teach an old dog new trıcks, Curıosıty kılled the cat, To play cat and mouse, let the cat out of the bag, to have kıttens, lıke a cat on hot brıcks among many others examples. Next tıme you use one of these try to ponder the ıdıomatıc roots of the common expressıon.