Monday, March 2, 2009

SEE more.

Our sensory perception is a rather limited one. This can be seen when we look at our animal companions, for they experience the world rather differently from the way we do. While dogs see no colour, their hearing and smelling senses are amplified. Bats see the world through sonar vibrations, experiencing everything in three dimensions, reptiles see their world in heat, and only through life do they identify. Does it not make you wonder limited our perceptions of the world is? We really don’t have the capabilities to fully understand and appreciate our environment to its fullest extent. The possibilities out there are infinite, for we can only imagine, and never fully comprehend what our world consists of. If we know of so many other layers of the world, is it not idiotic to imagine ourselves supreme beings? If we don’t ever admit to the probability that there are different ways to view existence, then there is truly no limit to the human ego.