Monday, March 16, 2009

Mommy, Where do dogs come from?

Dogs orıgıns, like every other living (and non-living) species on earth, is a mystery, philosophically speaking that is. But we do know how our pets came into being though. The dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and as such retains many characteristics that this ice age species displayed. They are primarily pack animals who travel and coexist in group habitats. The wolves’ body language and primary needs have not altered that much from its ancestors.

The domestication of this animal took place roughly around 15 000 years ago. And as such has become an integral part of human development and life since then. The taming o this species has resulted in an animal that has a keenly developed intelligence and sensitivity to its human counterparts. These social skills have helped them perform many important roles in human history, ranging from hunting to protection and assistance.

Thus, next time you find yourself looking into your companians eyes imagine those of the wild and fierce wolf staring back at you.