Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Sad Realisation.

A reader wrote to us about a truly horrible experience that she went through. Her little Maltese Poodle passed away after 17 years of loyal and happy friendship. When you lose a pet that is so dear to you it is very difficult to deal with the loss. Many people struggle to come to terms with how deeply they feel when this happens, but as with any loved one, who was constantly there to greet you when you got home, and a huge part of your life, you must grieve. Grieving is a long process that totally consumes you. But as with all difficult things in life, it is imperative that you accept and embrace the sorrow. It will only make you grow and become a wiser person. One of the unpleasant facts we have to face is that our pets will pass in our lifetimes, and at one time or another we have to come to terms with their loss from our lives.